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Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Topics
Workers Compensation and Disability Benefits

Thousands of people every year are injured on the job, and for many, there are few alternatives available to help them get through the process of recovery.  This can be a stressful time, as the injured worker not only has to deal with physical pain and recovery, but also the corresponding financial stress that accompanies the sudden loss of work and ability to generate income.  This situation s a whole is not healthy, and those who find themselves in it need help as soon as possible.

This is exactly the type of situation that Privett law has helped handle countless times over the years, and the firm provides an experienced and guiding hand to those who are suffering in regards to pursuing and obtaining workers' compensation benefits.  Below is an overview of a few of the issues the firm handled, but in the meantime, if you have been injured on the job, contact Privett Law today to schedule an consultation.

Compensation for Work Related Injuries in Oklahoma

An injured worker can receive compensation for work injuries from several sources, including the insurance funds that exist in adherence to the workers' compensation laws in Oklahoma, private insurance policies and even claims for personal injury, if the facts that surround a situation warrant such pursuits.  The bottom line is that when you are injured on the job, you owe it to yourself to explore every option, whether it's related to workers' compensation or some other resource.

Financial Benefits for OK Workers Compensation Claims

When someone is injured on the job and pursues coverage and workers' compensation benefits, there are different types of benefits available.  The decision regarding which type of benefits a worker should pursue depends on the facts that led to the injury or injuries suffered, and the following are a few of the available choices for workers' compensation benefits in Oklahoma

Death Benefits--Available when the worker is killed on the job, and Oklahoma basically lays out a financial equation that dictates the amount of benefits and the beneficiaries of those benefits.  In addition to death benefits, a wrongful death claim may be filed on behalf of surviving family.

Future medical benefits--These benefits are meant to help an injured worker whose injuries will require ongoing medical care and supervision based on the nature of the original injury or injuries suffered.

Medical Benefits--As the name suggests, these benefits exist for those who are currently recovering from on the job injuries suffered.

The Multiple Injury Trust Fund--Protecting the Future of Injured Oklahoma Workers

The multiple injury trust fund is a general fund that exists in Oklahoma in accordance with workers' compensation law.  This fund is meant to be funded by employers who contribute to this fund on an ongoing basis, and the nature and amounts of these contributions depends on several factors, including the number of employees working at a business and the amount of payroll involved with the operation of these businesses.

Generally, the multiple injury trust fund is meant to serve as a quasi "savings" account, and this fund will in theory allow an employer to avoid an immediate and unforeseen financial obligation when its workers are injured.  If you have any questions about this fund, contact Privett Law to schedule an initial consultation.

Oklahoma Disability Compensation and Disability Benefits for Injured Workers

When analyzing the body of law that exists in Oklahoma for workers' compensation and disability, one quickly realizes that the state legislature has wisely accounted for the different types of injuries that can occur, and these types of injuries are separated by duration and severity.  For instance, some injured workers will be unable to work on a temporary basis, while others will likely never return to work as they did before they were injured.

As such, the Oklahoma disability compensation laws dictate the benefits available for two different types of injured workers:

Permanent disability compensation-As the term would indicate, these benefits are pursued when a worker is deemed permanently disabled and also seen as having little or no chance of ever returning to work and generating a viable income.

Temporary Disability Compensation-This sort of benefit is a bit more complicated, as the state needs a determination of how long this temporary disability will last, which can be difficult without some diagnoses.

Regardless of the type of disability you've suffered, Oklahoma workers' compensation law provides an outlet for your financial needs.  Privett Law can help you understand the type of compensation to which you've entitled, so contact the firm today.

Vocational Rehabilitation in Oklahoma-Helping You Get Back To Work

There are situations that arise in which an Oklahoma resident needs some sort of help to either become more able to work or to restore his or her ability to work productively, depending on when the underlying disability arose.  This program and general effort can arise within the realm of workers' compensation in Oklahoma when, for example, a worker becomes blind or deaf because of an incident that occurred on the job.  This is a situation that requires a skilled professional hand working with you in order to realize the full extent of these workers' comp benefits.

Why Hire a Workmans Comp Lawyer?

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job in Oklahoma, you have several rights and options to explore and pursue within the body of workers compensation laws that exist in our state.  In order to find out what these prospective benefits are and how to realize them, you need to contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial consultation and to regain control of your situation so that you can concentrate on what's most important-your recovery.