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Social Security Disability Application Attorneys

Privett Law is an Oklahoma law firm with years of experience in helping clients with several issues regarding governmental benefits for disability. A few of these issues are applying for benefits with the Social Security Administration, obtaining benefits for adults, answering questions regarding SSD vs. SSI and helping obtain benefits for children.

Each of these issues is described below, but the bottom line is that if you are disabled and unable to work, or you have a child that needs help from the government, you need to contact Privett Law Firm immediately to begin the process of pursuing these benefits. It’s a process that requires diligence, and the firm’s attorneys not only understand this process but can help steer you in the proper direction and fight for your rights when necessary.

Applying for Benefits in Oklahoma

The process of applying for benefits is not altogether complicated or difficult, but it is extremely thorough and time-consuming. Not to mention, any mistakes made when applying for benefits can be extremely detrimental to your overall results and disposition. The first step in applying for benefits is to gather as much relevant information as possible to include with your application. Examples of this information include:

Your Social Security Number and Birth/Baptismal Certificate;
Contact information for all of your medical care providers and facilities;
A complete schedule of all of your medication needs;
All of your relevant medical records;
Any laboratory or medical/psychological test results;
Recent tax records that state your income.

You will also need to fill out additional forms that speak to your medical conditions and how it or they relate to your ability to work, as well as medical release forms that will allow the SSA to review your situation with your medical care providers. Applying for benefits always starts with the completion of these forms, and you need the help of an Oklahoma SSD attorney to make sure that they’re completed properly.

Benefits for Adults in Oklahoma

The Social Security Administration has options available for you when it comes to benefits for adults. Basically, the common denominator for those who are inquiring about benefits for adults is that the applicant, for one reason or another, is not able to work and support him or herself or the family members related to the applicant.

The reasons for this inability to work and generate income must be proven, and examples of these situations include a physical injury that prevents the applicant from working in any capacity for the foreseeable future, a long-standing disability that also prevents the applicant from working, a psychological condition that is so debilitating in nature that the applicant will not be able to handle a job either mentally or psychologically, and of course a developmental disability that results in a complete inability to earn income.

There are specific benefits for adults available, and they are detailed in this section, but the bottom line is that when you’re applying for benefits for adults, you need to prove to the government that you are unable to realistically work. This requires diligence and a wealth of knowledge in regards to what will be persuasive to the government. An SSD attorney will be able to help you understand the process of obtaining benefits for adults, so contact the firm today to get this process started.


One of the main delineations between types of benefits for adults is that which exists between the SSD vs. SSI. SSD stands for Social Security Disability, and SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. Each program is examined below.


SSD, sometimes referred to as Title II, is financed by the Social Security tax payments generated by workers, employers and anyone who is self-employed and paying taxes based on that income. These benefits are payable to the disabled person, his or her widow or widower, adults disabled since childhood and even to the worker’s dependents in certain situations. Not to mention, if an applicant is approved for SSD payments, he or she also becomes eligible for help from the Medicare program, as long as the SSD payments are approved for at least 24 months.


SSI is funded through the more general nature of tax revenues gathered by the government and is not directly tied to workers who pay income taxes. There are several requirements in place to be eligible for SSI payments, including an income ceiling and the fact that a disability can be proven. There are also monthly caps in terms of payments in the SSI program. If you are approved for SSI, you are also eligible for Medicaid, which is different from Medicare because Medicaid is free.

Benefits for Children

Benefits for children are also available, but like all other benefits of this nature, the benefits for children will only be awarded if the applicant meets several requirements. The first involves income, and the amount of income above which an applicant cannot earn changes every year. For instance, benefits for children will not be available to an applicant who is earning more than $940 per month in 2008, as this will indicate to the government that the child is not disabled.

Secondly, according to information provided by the Social Security Administration, “The child must have a physical or mental condition, or a combination of conditions, that results in “marked and severe functional limitations.” This means that the condition(s) must very seriously limit your child’s activities.”

Finally, the SSA states that, “The child’s condition(s) must have lasted, or be expected to last, at least 12 months; or must be expected to result in death.” This is obviously a thorough set of requirements that must be met for those searching for benefits for children, but in many situations these can be met and even exceeded.

Your Legal Rights

As you see, the programs of benefits provided by the government do exist and are available for those who qualify, but you need to make sure that you’re eligible and that you handle the process properly. In order to make sure that you do so, contact Privett Law today.