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Rollover Accident Lawyers Truck and Automobile

Based in Oklahoma, Privett Law is an accident representation law firm with years of experience representing victims of rollover accidents. Although rollover accidents are not as common as other types of car accidents, they do result in a higher occurrence of serious injury or death and are considered to be the most fatal type of car accident on national roadways, especially SUV rollovers. In fact, SUV rollover accidents occur more often than side and rear fatal vehicles combined, and are four times more likely than the average car rollover. If you have been injured in any Oklahoma rollover accident, SUV or otherwise, it is important to obtain the skilled legal counsel of an experienced accident attorney to secure your legal rights, and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.

Oklahoma roadways are becoming more and more crowded every day. As a result, rollover accidents are occurring more frequently. In fact, auto accidents, including rollover accidents, account for more personal injuries nationwide than any other type of accident. And due to the manufacturer removal of roll bars on SUV’s—for the purpose of making the vehicle appear more attractive and “family-friendly”—combined with the high center gravity of the vehicle, make rollover accidents much more dangerous than average car accidents.

Rollover Accident Statistics

Rollover accidents are the fastest growing source of fatalities in automobile accidents— accounting for 82% of the increase in auto accident fatalities last year. Occupant ejection accounts for 64% of all SUV rollover accident fatalities, and 85% of serious SUV rollover injury is suffered by victims who were not wearing their seat belt at the time of the accident.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents can be caused by reckless driving, mechanical failure, oversized and overloaded vehicles, SUV’s carrying excessive cargo such as camping gear, furniture, etc., defective design and vehicles carrying a multitude of passengers.

Injuries Suffered in Rollover Accidents

Due to SUV’s having roofs, windshields and side windows that easily collapse, injuries suffered as the result of SUV rollover accidents include head trauma, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, loss of limbs, paralysis and even death.

Compensation for Rollover Accident Victims

Compensation available for injuries sustained as the result of a rollover accident include current and future medical expenses for treating injuries caused by the accident, lost wages, future wages if the victim is no longer able to work, punitive damages for pain and suffering, and compensation for the family of a rollover accident wrongful death victim, relating to the above areas. The manufacturer of a vehicle, in particular an SUV, can be held liable for such damages.

Legal Rights and Rollover Accidents

Anyone who is injured or loses a loved one due to a rollover accident can sue the persons or entity at fault, including the manufacturer of the vehicle. Injuries resulting from a rollover accident can cause irreparable damage, such as paralysis and traumatic brain injury, and can also prove fatal. After a rollover accident, it is imperative to call the police to the scene and seek immediate medical treatment. It is then essential to contact Privett Law. The firm’s dedicated litigation team provides the highest quality representation for those injured in Oklahoma rollover accidents and is standing by to ensure that you get compensation for your pain and suffering, any lost wages and medical bills.

Rollover Accident Statute of Limitations

Under Oklahoma statute of limitations, rollover accident claims must be filed within two years. If the statute of limitations expires before a rollover accident lawsuit is brought, a claimant faces the possibility of having his or her case dismissed. For more information about rollover accident claims, contact Privett Law today to discuss your case and your best course of legal action.

Why Hire a Rollover Accident Attorney?

A rollover accident, SUV or otherwise, presents increased dangers for occupants above and beyond other car accidents. SUV seat structures are not designed to keep occupants in place during a rollover, even when seatbelts are worn, which can cause substantial injuries and even death. Further, defective or poorly designed machinery, tools, and motor vehicles can fall under product liability. The obligation of any manufacturer, including a vehicle manufacturer, is to make a safe product—including the duty to design, test, and inspect the vehicle during and after it is built. If a poorly designed vehicle or SUV is responsible for causing a rollover accident—when the driver of the vehicle was driving in a diligent and careful manner and doing everything possible to avoid such an accident— the manufacturer can be held liable for damages sustained.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as the result of a rollover accident, you are not alone and you do have legal rights. Privett Law can discuss your rollover accident claim with you, ensure that your rights are protected, and provide dedicated and experienced legal guidance in and out of court. Please contact the firm today for a full consultation.

At Privett Law I have successfully represented rollover accident victims and the family members of rollover accident wrongful death victims. The firm is aggressive in their representation and dedicated to obtaining compensation for the victims of injustice. Please contact the office today to discuss your legal claim and the litigation options available to you.