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Oklahoma Dog Bite Lawyers


Located in Oklahoma, Privett Law is a personal injury law firm with decades of experience representing clients who have been injured in various types of accidents, including dog bites. The State of Oklahoma enforces strict liability for dog bites and dog owners are held fully responsible for injuries caused by their dogs, but liable parties can also include animal keepers or guardians and property owners, such as landlords. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, you do have legal rights and I am an  experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can protect those rights and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.


Oklahoma Dog Bite Statistics

It is estimated that 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year, and on average, ten to twenty people are killed each year from dog bite injuries. Studies show that about 65% of fatal dog bite accidents involve an attack by one dog, about 20% involve two dogs, and one-sixth of these fatal dog bites involve three or more dogs. Further, dog bite studies show that men are twice as likely as women to be bitten by a dog, and dog bite injuries are the second leading cause of injury to children—who are the most common victims of dog bites.

Types of Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Types of dog bites accidents can occur from handling or petting a dog, feeding a dog, walking a dog when confronted by another dog, restraining a dog, and scolding or retrieving a dog. However, dog bite accidents are often the result of a victim having no prior contact with a dog; i.e. being attacked while cycling, rollerblading, walking, running, skateboarding, making a delivery or service call (e.g. postal carrier), and/or walking past or into dog’s territory.

Injuries Suffered from Dog Bites

The most frequent types of dog bite injuries are bites to the face. Other areas include the head, neck, hands, fingers, forearm, shoulder, upper arms and wrists (this usually occurs as the result of a victim trying to cover his or her face), knees, lower legs/calves, and feet.

Damages Available from Animal Attacks

Types of damages available for dog bite victims include compensation for medical treatment; i.e. first aid, emergency room, hospital, and ambulance costs, future medical treatment for scarring, disfigurement, etc., psychological treatment to overcome the emotional trauma of the dog attack, loss of income due to missed work, compensation for items such as torn clothing and broken eye glasses, and compensation for a victim’s accompanying pet that was injured or killed as the result of the attack.

Oklahoma Dog Bite Lawsuit

To file a dog bite lawsuit, you must be able to show that another party is at fault for your dog bite injuries and should be held legally liable for negligence. The first thing to do when involved in a dog bite accident is to contact animal control authorities so they can immediately gather the facts of the situation, and to then seek prompt medical attention. If you are not treated, a dog bite can cause serious injury, infection, and even death if the animal was diseased.

Oklahoma Statute of Limitations

Dog bites, which fall under personal injury, have a two-year statute of limitations in the State of Oklahoma. It is important to contact a qualified Oklahoma dog bite attorney as soon as possible after a dog bite accident to ensure that your rights are protected and that your claim is filed within the time allotted.

Hire an Oklahoma Dog Bite Attorney

The State of Oklahoma imposes strict liability for dog bite attacks. Oklahoma has enacted laws that make the owner of a dog legally liable when victims are bitten, even if the dog has never bit anyone before. If a dog bite does not draw blood—hence the bite does not cause disfigurement or the possibility of future scarring, taking such a case to small claims court is usually appropriate.

However, filing a case with small claims court means that the amount of damages that can be recovered are limited in nature. Contacting Privett Law to represent your case guarantees that the maximum amount of compensation will be fought for, and that all of your rights will be protected. Please call the firm today to arrange for a full consultation.

There are many things to consider when estimating what a dog bite claim is worth, such as doctor's bills, lost wages, medical costs, pain and suffering, disfigurement, etc. However, dog bite litigation not only involves the victim and the defending party, insurance companies have a battery of aggressive defense attorneys on-hand who know how to minimize payouts to an injured victim and maximize profits for the company.

I will help navigate you through all of the legal loopholes that a dog bite victim is faced with, and will provide solid representation in and out of the courtroom. Contact the firm today for a full consultation.