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Oklahoma Daycare Accident Attorneys and Lawsuits

One of the fastest-growing industries in the United States in recent years is the day care industry, as children who are not yet of age for attendance at school need somewhere to go while their parent or parents work during the day. Day care centers can be found in almost every neighborhood, and parents depend on them to keep their children safe.

Unfortunately, day care accidents are also on the rise, and that’s simply a logical result of a higher number of these facilities and more children who populate them. When a child is injured, the results can not only be expensive in terms of medical bills, but also emotionally traumatic for both the child and the parents, as that child will need to be placed in day care once again soon thereafter so the parents can continue to work. 


Day Care Accidents in Oklahoma – Reasons for their Rise

The ‘classic’ family model in the United States consisted of one parent working full-time while the other stayed at home and took care of the children. For decades, this arrangement represented the majority of the homes in the United States where two parents resided in one location, but given the economic realities of the present time, that trend is changing rapidly.

Recent studies have shown that as many as half of the children with two parents living in the home were depending on some sort of professional, non-parental care during the typical working day, and that number doesn’t even take into account the number of children who live in single-parent homes where the parent works full time. 

This trend shows no sign of slowing down, which is why the issues that surround day care centers and day care accidents will only continue to become more and more prevalent and problematic as time moves forward. Unfortunately, higher numbers lead to higher percentages of problems, and this is where day care accidents begin to hit home for many.


Day Care Accidents – Causes and Types of Injuries

There are almost limitless causes for day care accidents. They can be traced to the environment, the level of care and the other children. The types of injuries can also be separated into categories, and below is a breakdown of the two tenets that support the rising number of day care accidents.

Oklahoma Day Care Accidents Involving Toys or Equipment

Certain toys are present in day care centers that should not be, and the majority of day care centers have some sort of play area outside that includes playground equipment, and not every child should be allowed to play on all of this equipment.

Day Care Accidents Involving Other Children

Clearly, children in this sort of setting need to be closely supervised, but given the number of children present in some of these day care centers, this isn’t always possible. Children can cause significant harm to other children in a variety of ways.

Day Care Injury Involving Food

Some day care centers serve food for children, and not all food that’s served is necessarily safe. Not only can spoiled food be served at times, but also food that’s not supposed to be served to a child with an allergy.

Physical Injuries to the Child

These are the most obvious types of injuries as they are physical in nature, meaning you can see them. These types of injuries could be directly linked to some form of negligence by the day care facility in general.

Child Illness from Day Care

Children carry germs, and when a large number of them are condensed into one area, this only leads to a more rapid spread of germs, viruses and diseases. A common cold alone is not grounds for suing a daycare provider, however, if there is negligence involved with maintenance of the facility that leads to your child's illness, there could be grounds for a lawsuit.

Emotional Injuries to Oklahoma Children

Any injury is traumatic, especially for a child. However, parents can also suffer greatly when facing the prospect of having to return their child to a facility soon after the incident in question, and many times they simply do not have another choice. With limited option, parents as well as children can both suffer from emotional injuries related to their day care negligence situation.

 Your Next Step - Contact an Oklahoma Attorney

Another difficult question that needs to be answered before you take action is whether or not certain parties should be included on a complaint. For instance, in certain situations, the day care center, the food provider or even the manufacturer of defective toys or equipment could all be jointly or singularly liable if your child is injured.

Therefore, if your child has suffered from a daycare accident, you need the help of an experienced attorney to make a sound decision in regards to how you should proceed. Contact Privett Law as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation and to get the process of evaluating your legal rights and options started.