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Oklahoma Construction Site Accident Attorneys

In both the commercial and residential contexts, building is happening all the time and everywhere in the United States on some level. Not only is construction an effort that adds to the overall value of the property upon which it’s built, but the industry as a whole is a vital cog in the economy, and provides countless jobs and economic opportunities.

However, construction zones are also areas filled with heavy equipment, building materials that can weigh tons and several inherent hazards that can lead to terrible injuries. Construction site accidents occur at an alarming rate, and they can affect construction workers, passers-by, nearby residents and many others. While the victims of construction site accidents can be varied in nature, one common thread is that construction site accidents lead to immediate and serious harm.

Construction Site Accident and Injury Relevant Statistics

Perhaps the best way to gain perspective in regards to construction site accidents is to offer a brief view of relevant statistics. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics keeps all sorts of relevant data for these purposes, and when looking at the construction industry, one can see how this is becoming a more prevalent issue.

At its foundation is the number of people who could be affected by construction site accidents. There are approximately 7 million recorded construction workers in the United States, and that does not include those who work as day laborers or as ‘contractors’ who are paid in cash, as no reliable statistics will ever be available for these workers.

Of these 7 million workers, more than 350,000 are injured to the point of missing work every year and more than 1,000 are killed. If one were to include the ‘non-serious’ injuries that occur within the realm of construction, approximately 1 in 10 construction workers are injured during the course of the year.

Causes of Oklahoma Construction Site Accidents

Of course, there are several causes of construction site accidents, but some are more prevalent than others. The most common ‘type’ of construction accident that leads to injuries is falling, and this makes sense. Workers are required to balance themselves on steel beams, sometimes at extremely dangerous heights, and any sort of strong wind or jolt that the foundation of the structure sustains as a result of being bumped can lead to tragic consequences.

However, falls are far from the only cause of injury. The equipment that’s used can be extremely dangerous as well, as one false move can cause a crane boom to drop or move unexpectedly, one faulty shift inside of an enormous construction truck can lead to a debilitating collision and one tire blowout on a construction tractor can create a situation in which anyone nearby can suffer greatly.

Potential Defendants in a Construction Site Accident Lawsuit

One of the first questions that needs to be answered if someone has been injured in a construction accident is that of which party or parties will be responsible for the injuries and damages suffered. While this may seem like a somewhat straightforward analysis, it can be surprisingly complicated.

For instance, if a worker is injured in a fall on a construction site after balancing on a high beam, it’s possible that the general contractor could be responsible, but if the fall occurred because a delivery truck ran into the foundation of the structure, then that company could also be potentially liable. Basically, you’ll need the help of an experienced construction accident attorney to help you identify the proper parties.

Contact an Oklahoma Construction Accident Lawyer

A construction accident attorney will be able to help you identify which legal theory or theories will be of most use to your case. Depending on the specifics, you could be entitled to recovery from the application of different legal theories.  Worker’s compensation is one body of law that could help you, but only if you are/were an employee, and even then your recovery could be somewhat limited.

You could also pursue a claim under the personal injury theory of negligence, but again, you’ll have much to prove in order to recover damages for your injuries.  An experienced construction accident attorney will be able to organize the events that led to your injury, to identify the party or parties that may be responsible for the damages you’ve incurred and to clearly identify the next steps to take that would be the most advisable.

If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of any sort of construction site accidents that tend to occur, you need to contact Privett Law Firm immediately to schedule an initial consultation.