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Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers

Privett Law is an Oklahoma accident representation law firm with years of experience representing the victims of car accidents. There are many things to consider when estimating what a car accident claim is worth—such as doctor's bills, lost income, medical costs, compensation for pain and suffering, disfigurement, etc. However, car accident lawsuits not only involve the victim and the defending party, insurance companies have a team of defense attorneys on-hand who know how to minimize payouts to an injured victim while maximizing profits for the benefit of the company. That is why it is critical to have the experienced and knowledgeable representation of a seasoned car accident litigation attorney in your corner. Privett Law Firm has been trying, negotiating and winning car accident lawsuits for since they started practicing and they are standing by to talk to you about your accident claim.

Car Accident Statistics in The United States

It is estimated that car accidents occur nearly every twenty seconds in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 6.3 million car accidents on the highways and freeways of America last year which claimed the lives of 41,000 people and injured another 3.1 million people. Further, Americans spent over $719.2 million in collision-related expenses.

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Car accidents can occur due to a driver driving at excessive speeds, reckless driving, failing to stop at a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, driving under the influence (DUI, DWI), inexperience of the driver, driving in bad weather, aggressive driving behavior, and driving while trying to operate cell phones and GPS navigation systems—all of which can result in rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, rollovers, side impact collisions and truck under-ride accidents.

Injuries suffered as the result of a car accident can include whiplash, cuts, scrapes and bruises,traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, quadriplegia, broken bones, concussions, head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, loss of limbs, paraplegia and even wrongful death.

Compensation available for injuries sustained as the result of a car accident include current and future medical expenses for treating injuries caused by the accident, lost wages, future wages if the victim is no longer able to work, punitive damages, damages for pain and suffering, and compensation for the family of a car accident wrongful death victim, among others.

Under Oklahoma statute of limitations, car accident claims must be filed within two years. If the statute of limitations expires before a car accident lawsuit is brought, a claimant faces the possibility of having his or her case dismissed. For more information about car accident claims, contact Privett Law Firm today to discuss your case and your litigation options.

Injuries resulting from a car accident can require long-term medical treatment that can range from emergency surgery to permanent, daily physical therapy. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a car accident that you believe was caused by the negligent and/or intentionally careless driving of another, it is important to speak with an experienced Oklahoma car accident attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights under the statute of limitations laws.

Injuries resulting from a car accident can cause devastating and permanent damage that is often combined with emotional and financial suffering for an individual and his or her family. Victims of serious car accidents are faced with making life-changing decisions about their future—including financial and social decisions—while having to deal with all the legal loopholes that accompany such a traumatic event.

Contact an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer

Millions of people are injured and thousands die in car accidents each year, causing major physical and emotional trauma for individuals and families throughout the nation. In fact, car accidents account for more personal injuries than any other type of accident in the United States. And as Oklahoma roadways are becoming more and more crowded, car accidents, as well as truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, are on the rise.

Privett Law Firm has handled hundreds of car accident claims. I will investigate your car accident case, secure qualified medical help, assist you in getting your car repaired, provide solid legal counsel on insurance benefits, and fight for the recovery to which you are entitled. Please call the firm today to arrange for your initial consultation.

The legal system can be complicated and confusing, making it all the more critical to have a trusted and knowledgeable counselor to provide experienced and dedicated representation. Privett Law Firm can discuss your car accident claim with you, ensure that your rights are protected, and provide qualified, unwavering legal guidance every step of the way. Please call the firm today for a full consultation.