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Oklahoma Boating Accidents

There are many residents of and visitors to Oklahoma who like to spend their free time out on the water enjoying the sun, particularly during the warmer months of the year. While people are used to seeing boats of nearly all sizes dot the rivers and lakes that can be found in the state, one unfortunate result of this popularity is that Oklahoma boating accidents can and do occur. When this situation arises, those that have been harmed or surviving family members of those lost on the water may be forced to file a personal injury lawsuit and should seek the help of an  Oklahoma boating accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Below you'll find information regarding the statistics surrounding Oklahoma boating accidents, the leading causes of Oklahoma boating accidents, common injuries that result from these crashes, how fatalities occur as a result of Oklahoma boating accidents, an overview of Oklahoma personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuits filed in response to these occurrences and finally information regarding how you can obtain help from an experienced Oklahoma boating accident attorney if the need arises.

OK Boating Accident Statistics

Oklahoma boating accidents occur at a regular rate. Every year, nearly 100 Oklahoma boating accidents occur that are severe enough that they are reported to the relevant authorities. In addition to this number of crashes, nearly as many people are injured and between five and 10 people are killed.

Broken down further, that means that approximately two Oklahoma boating accidents occur every week somewhere in the state. In addition, at least one person is injured on a weekly basis as a result of these crashes and one person is killed every one-two months. These numbers have remained largely steady for several years.

Leading Causes of Oklahoma Boating Accidents

Oklahoma is much like other jurisdictions when it comes to the leading causes of its boating accidents. Below is a brief introduction to these leading causes:


Speeding has always been a problem with some boaters in Oklahoma, and many Oklahoma boating accidents are caused by this mistake. Not only does moving at a high rate of speed reduce the margin of error for everyone in the area at the time, but many people do not understand how much room and time is needed to slow a vessel on the water.

Failure to Adhere to Regulations

As is the case with driving a vehicle, there are many different rules, regulations and laws that apply to Oklahoma boaters. When a boater fails to follow any of these regulations, it can cause Oklahoma boating accidents that lead to serious injuries or worse.


Unfortunately, despite the nearly constant efforts by many different entities to curb this dangerous practice, boating under the influence still occurs in Oklahoma. The effects of alcohol on a boater are similar to the effects seen in drivers – accidents become more likely.

Common Injuries Resulting from Oklahoma Boat Accidents

The majority of Oklahoma boating accidents that occur lead to at least one injury, and like other forms of crashes, there are leading causes of injuries and fatalities with regards to these crashes. Below are just a few examples of the types of harm that can result from a crash that occurs on the water.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Whether it's because of the impact of the collision, blunt force trauma that's inflicted on someone's head or because of a temporary loss of oxygen while someone is under water, traumatic brain injuries are a common result of Oklahoma boating accidents.

Broken Bones

Even if someone is wearing a life jacket, many boaters and passengers are not wearing seat belts on a vessel. Therefore, when an Oklahoma boating accident occurs, it's common for people involved in them to suffer from broken bones after being thrown about or even from the passenger cabin.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Oklahoma boating accidents lead to spinal cord injuries for many reasons, but they are commonly associated with falling awkwardly or having a large object strike someone in the neck or in the spinal cord area.


Clearly, the most common cause of death resulting from Oklahoma boating accidents is drowning. When people are thrown overboard and there is no rescue made in a relatively quick manner, the elements can conspire to take a person's life.

Oklahoma Boating Accident Injury Lawsuits

When someone is injured or a family is left to deal with a tragic death resulting from an Oklahoma boating accident, they often face difficulty when it comes to protecting and enforcing their legal rights. That's because proving what occurred can be difficult for anyone, especially if a crash happens quickly and without any warning.

Therefore, those who have suffered as a result of this type of a crash need to seek the immediate help of our an Oklahoma boating accident lawyer who has been fighting for the rights of injured clients and grieving families for many years.  Contact Privett Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.