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Oklahoma Visitation Rights Attorneys

When a divorce is finalized and children are involved, almost every parent has an intense desire to continue developing a parental relationship with his or her offspring. That’s only natural, but when one encounters the prospect of working out visitation rights between the custodial and non-custodial parent, conflicts often arise in Oklahoma and everywhere else.

Privett Law provides help to clients who need it in regards to visitation rights, and the attorneys at the firm will work within the requirements of several Oklahoma statutes that speak to the issue of visitation rights and fight for your right to continue your relationship with your child or children. If this is a concern of yours, you need to contact the firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

When Parents Desire Equal Access to Children

The statute below speaks to the public policy that needs to be upheld as much as possible when the parents of a child or children of a divorce desire equal rights to access to their children of the marriage:

“It is the policy of this state to assure that minor children have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interests of their children and to encourage parents to share in the rights and responsibilities of rearing their children after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage. To effectuate this policy, if requested by a parent, the court shall provide substantially equal access to the minor children to both parents at a temporary order hearing, unless the court finds that such shared parenting would be detrimental to such child. The burden of proof that such shared parenting would be detrimental to such child shall be upon the parent requesting sole custody and the reason for such determination shall be documented in the court record.”

When Visitation is Contested

Of course, not every situation is as civil as the one described above. When visitation rights are contested, the Oklahoma statutes deal with this in the following manner:

A. By January 1, 2005, the Administrative Director of the Courts shall have developed a standard visitation schedule and advisory guidelines which may be used by the district courts of this state as deemed necessary.

B. The standard visitation schedule should include a minimum graduated visitation schedule for children under the age of five (5) years and a minimum graduated visitation schedule for children five (5) years of age through seventeen (17) years of age.

In addition, the standard visitation schedule should address:

1. Midweek and weekend time-sharing;

2. Differing geographical residences of the custodian and noncustodian of the child requesting visitation;

3. Holidays, including Friday and Monday holidays;

4. Summer vacation break;

5. Midterm school breaks;

6. Notice requirements and authorized reasons for cancellations of visitation;

7. Transportation and transportation costs, including pick up and return of the child;

8. Religious, school, and extracurricular activities;

9. Grandparent and relative contact;

10. The birthday of the child;

11. Sibling visitation schedules;

12. Special circumstances, including, but not limited to, emergencies; and

13. Any other standards deemed necessary by the Administrative Director of the Courts.

Violation of Visitation Schedules

Visitation rights are taken very seriously in Oklahoma, and if one of the parents violates this schedule, serious consequences can result. If a parent, absent good cause that can include potential danger to the child or some other compelling reason, violates the agreed-upon visitation rights schedule in Oklahoma, the party in violation could face civil contempt charges and be forced to pay any court costs and attorneys fees necessary to bring the violating party into compliance with the visitation order.

Oklahoma Grandparent Visitation

During a time when a family is experiencing the unpleasantness of a divorce, grandparents can somehow get lost in the middle of feuding parties. The simple fact of the grandparents being able to visit their grandchildren soon becomes a controversial issue, and legal assistance must be sought.

Mediation is desperately needed to intervene between unhappy grandparents and the custodial parents. New step-parents can create difficulties for grandparents wanting to visit their grandchildren, therefore it is essential to have mediation help to work towards a solution that’s acceptable for all of the parties.

The issue of the child’s well-being is also essential to the topic of grandparent visitation rights in Oklahoma and everywhere else. It is generally accepted that the grandparents of the child are good for the child, which means that their visitation rights should be protected in most situations. In response to the complications that contribute to this delicate matter, mediation or other forms of enforcement of rights become a necessary course of action. Contact Atkins & Markoff today, and receive your full consultation addressing grandparent visitation rights in Oklahoma.

Criteria for Grandparent Visitation

In the state of Oklahoma, a distinct set of criteria must be met in order to obtain grandparent visitation. It is essential that these criteria are followed or else the visitation of the grandparent could be put in jeopardy. Below are the requirements that need to be met for grandparent visitation rights in Oklahoma.

Best interest of the child

1. Prior Grandparent/Grandchild relationship
2. Effect on parent/child relationship
3. Any marital status of parents
4. After step-parent adoption

If you are involved in a visitation issue, make sure to check with Atkins & Markoff to have them help you compare your situation to the standards provided by the state.

Oklahoma Visitation Rights Attorney

In the event where a common agreement can’t be found between the parents of a child, mediation is becoming the most advisable course of action, but is not always possible. Visitation rights and grandparent visitation rights vary from state to state, and so it becomes necessary to know what rights are applicable to the family at hand in Oklahoma. Contact Privett Law today to schedule your initial consultation and begin the process of handling the issues regarding visitation rights and grandparent visitation.