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Step Parent Adoption Lawyers

When a couple goes through a divorce, it often leaves the child with one custodial spouse with which to live. Often times, the newly divorced spouse seeks a new partner, and if all goes well they will remarry at some point.

This creates a new family for the child, and sometimes it becomes the interest of the new spouse to adopt the child of the other spouse. Many precautions have to be taken in order for this procedure to go smoothly, so obtaining the involvement of an Oklahoma family law attorney becomes a highly recommended step to take.

Many families experience this issue, so the issue of step-parent adoption is not a new idea to society. It is difficult to establish a new family out of an old one, so let Privett Law deal with the unpleasant facts of the case. Contact the firm now for your full consultation regarding your step-parent adoption issue in Oklahoma.

What Is Step-parent Adoption?

Step-parent adoption occurs when a parent remarries after the death of a former spouse or after a divorce. Specifically, the new spouse may desire to formally adopt the child or children of their current spouse for several reasons.

A step-parent may also choose to formally adopt a spouse's child from a prior relationship, but the natural parent must receive notice of the adoption proceeding and in many cases agree to the adoption. If the natural parent does not agree to such a move, then he or she must be declared "unfit" before a step-parent adoption will be finalized. The situation proceeds in a similar fashion if a child is born outside marriage, the birth parent later remarries, and the stepparent ultimately expresses a desire to adopt the child.

The most common form of step-parent adoption is by a stepparent who assumes financial and legal responsibility for his/her spouse’s child or children, and the non-custodial parent is released of any remaining legal parental responsibilities.

Step-parent Adoption Procedures in Oklahoma

It is critical to understand the procedures involved with this process so you can achieve success in regards to your objectives. These steps are generally as follows: 

1. Consult with an attorney regarding step-parent adoption.

2. Allow the attorney to secure the necessary forms to begin the process.

3. Meet with your attorney to complete the forms with complete accuracy. 

4. Give your attorney the go-ahead to submit the required documentation to the court for review. 

5. Expect to hear soon regarding a date for your hearing, and make sure that you are available on that date and at that time. 

6. Accompany your attorney to the hearing. If the hearing goes well, the judge will schedule a date for the finalization of the adoption proceedings. 

7. Accompany your attorney to the finalization hearing. At the completion of this hearing, the adoption certificates are executed. You should request additional copies of this documentation for your records.

Retain a Qualified Attorney

Several issues and technicalities surround step-parent adoption in Oklahoma, which is why you should contact the law firm of Privett Law immediately to make sure that you don’t harm your cause with any unnecessary and avoidable mistakes. Contact the firm today to schedule a consultation regarding your step-parent adoption.