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Family Law Mediation 

There are many negative aspects to any family law situation, and two of the most overlooked are the time it can take to come to a resolution and the money these delays and any litigation could wind up costing both parties. One of the reasons for these delays is that court dockets are simply packed, meaning that parties could wait months or even longer for their cases to be heard.

Fortunately, legal innovations have begun to grow and to change the way in which certain types of cases can be handled. The biggest thrust behind these changes is the advent and growing prevalence of alternative dispute resolution, and there are several different modes in which this system can be put to use.

One of those options is mediation. Oklahoma law does allow for family law mediation, and there are many potential benefits to pursuing such a course of action if you are looking to settle your issues with your spouse as soon as possible and to keep things as civil as possible going forward.

Privett Law is an Oklahoma law firm that has been keeping up with and even staying ahead of the curve in terms of family law mediation in Oklahoma since it got its start, and below is a brief overview of this process, its potential benefits and the manners in which Privett Law can help with your family law mediation.

The Family Law Mediation Process in Oklahoma

If you are working towards finalizing a divorce in Oklahoma, you do have the option of getting this matter behind you with the help of mediation. Specifically, what this means is that you and your spouse would work together to agree upon a mediator to help you negotiate your settlement, and there are lists available from many reputable sources, including the Oklahoma Bar Association.

You would work with your attorney to prepare for your mediation much as you would for a trial, although the mediation itself is geared towards a calm and civil tone so that the particulars of your situation can be handled appropriately. Not to mention, you will not be allowed to have your attorney with you during the mediation, as only the parties to the action will be allowed to work inside the room when the process starts.

During the mediation, the mediator will control the process so that each of you has an opportunity to speak and to present your positions. The mediator will work to keep the tone civil, and assuming this happens, you and your spouse will simply negotiate your way through the estate and resolve issues including property division, support, custody, visitation and any other matters that need to be resolved.

If a resolution is reached, it will be reduced to writing and presented to the family law court for approval. If or when approval is granted, the divorce is also granted and the matter is resolved with the mediation agreement document governing the terms going forward.

Potential Benefits of Family Law Mediation in Oklahoma

Most innovations are the result of a need or set of needs, and given the time, stress, antagonism and money that was often involved with a divorce, there was clearly a need for a new idea to come to the forefront in terms of family law in Oklahoma. Although mediation in Oklahoma is relatively new, there is already a widely-accepted set of benefits that those who have gone through the mediation process have enjoyed.

Below are a few examples of these benefits:

Speed – As stated, a divorce can take months or even years, but most mediation hearings in Oklahoma can be scheduled in a matter of weeks. 

Approach – Divorce can be one of the nastiest, most emotionally-charged legal situations in existence, but the nature of mediation is to keep everything as civil as possible, and when the parties themselves work out a settlement, the chance for a civil relationship between the two only increases.

Fees – Divorce, especially a case that goes through a trial, can be extremely expensive when one includes legal fees, court costs, witness fees and any other costs often associated with a trial. Mediation is much less expensive in general.

We can Help with your Oklahoma Mediation

Privett Law can help you with your Oklahoma family law mediation in two ways. First, if you are in need of an attorney to help you prepare for your mediation, our firm will help you organize your evidence, articulate your positions and help you understand what to expect and how you should react to different scenarios that could arise during your mediation.