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Oklahoma City Child Support Attorneys

Child support is an issue that can easily antagonize conflicting parties when certain needs are not being met. The status of income greatly affects the well-being of the child, so it becomes necessary that the parent with the custody of the child receives appropriate monetary support from the other parent. Sometimes the parent with the custody of the child is struggling to make it through the monthly billing cycle, so that parent relies greatly on child support money from the other parent. Other times, it is used as a tool to create a bitter battle over who deserves the child most.

Statistically speaking, many separated families are found to have many similar difficulties when addressing child support. It is common for involved parties to feel isolated in their frustration, but the truth of the matter is that these issues are found to be quite common. Child support is, more often than not, swayed toward the paternal father, because the maternal mother is most commonly rewarded custody. Therefore, the statistic of the “deadbeat dad” tends to arise most often, when, in contrast, that statement is generally found to be a myth.

Privett Law can provide assistance with the issue of child support by cushioning the dynamics of the situation. The firm has a team of family law attorneys that can help find a means to the financial ends. Parents with custody of the child need financial support, and it is the duty of the other parent to provide that financial support to him/her. Privett Law can help by making sure the proper actions are being taken in order to resolve the issue. Contact Privett Law for a full consultation addressing your legal rights.

Oklahoma Child Support Statistics

Certain statistics must be understood when it comes to the issue of child support. Many myths surround the delicate issue of child support, so it is important for the feuding parties to know the true facts behind this bitter battle.

Information shows only 10% of all non-custodial fathers fit into the "deadbeat dad" category: 90% of the fathers with joint custody paid the child support due.

66% of fathers that are not making their payments are failing to do so because they lack the financial resources to pay child support. Fathers that have visitation rights pay 79.1%; and 44.5% of those with NO visitation rights still financially support their children. 66% of single mothers work less than full time while only 10% of fathers fall into this category. 
Almost 47% of non-custodial mothers default on paying child support compared with the 27% of fathers who default. 
Total custodial mothers in the United States: 11,268,000 
Total custodial fathers: 2,907,000 
Custodial mothers who receive a child support award: 79.6% 
Custodial fathers who receive a child support award: 29.9% 
Non-custodial mothers who fail to pay child support: 46.9% 
Non-custodial fathers who fail to pay child support: 26.9%

Oklahoma Child Support Issues

Atkins & Markoff is an Oklahoma law firm with years of experience in representing clients in family law actions. Over the years, we’ve come to identify several issues that tend to be of paramount importance in regards to establishing, maintaining and managing child support. Below are these issues and a brief description of a few examples.

Establishing Child Support Payments

Establishing child support payments is usually nothing more than deriving a number from an equation based upon the number of children and a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income.

The Nature Of The Child Support Order

The nature of the child support order is such that there are commonalities, such as the fact that the payments need to be made by a certain time every month, and particularities, such as where the funds will be sent and from what source of income these payments will be derived.

Child Support Is An Enforceable Order Of The Court

An order for child support needs to be given the same priority as any other court order, as failing to meet these requirements could lead to serious legal and financial consequences.

How The Court Determines The Amount Of Child Support

As stated above, the amount is usually derived based on the number of children and the amount of gross income, but that can differ if the non-custodial parent also draws income from retirement accounts or other annuities, as different rules apply to different sources of income.

Only the Proper Court Has The Power To Order Child Support The court that orders child support payments needs to have jurisdiction over the matter, which can become complicated if the parents were married in a different jurisdiction than where they were divorced. 

{Power to Modify Child Support}

A State That Entered A Valid Support Order Continues To Have The Power To Modify Child Support. If an order for child support should be modified, either the state that entered the order or the one in which one or both of the parties now live can modify it, depending on the circumstances.

Parents Can Agree On The Level Of Support

It is possible for a “settlement” to be reached, but this settlement must be fair and equitable in the eyes of the court that’s overseeing the process. Courts Can Order Payment Of College Expenses Even Though The Child Has Reached Majority

This is a unique situation, but one that needs to be planned for properly between you and your family law attorney at Atkins & Markoff. Most states consider the age of majority to be 18 years old. 

Child Support Is Not Tax Deductible

Child support is not recognized as a deductible expense under the federal tax code.

Modifying Child Support in Oklahoma

There are many reasons why a child support order could or should be modified, and if that situation arises, you should immediately seek the help of your family law attorney here at Privett Law. 

Enforcing Child Support

This is a situation that everyone paying child support should avoid. Penalties and interest can be added to the amount of back child support owed, and a clear effort to avoid child support payments can lead to criminal prosecution and even jail time.

The Government’s Parent Locator Service

This is a relatively new service provided by the government to help locate “deadbeat” parents and to enforce the child support order that’s in place once they’re found.

Obtain A Wage Assignment

A wage assignment is a mode of collection, whereby the delinquent payor has his or her child support payments deducted from forthcoming paychecks to bring the payments current.

Bring A Civil Contempt Of Court Action

Although rare, spouses who are not receiving the child support necessary can enforce the payment order in civil court and seek damages, but most of the time this is handled by the family and criminal courts of the relevant jurisdiction or jurisdictions.

Seeking A Criminal Prosecution

This is usually the last resort for any or all of the parties involved, but when it becomes clear that the spouse owing support is simply not going to pay, he or she can be charged and convicted of failure to pay child support. In extreme cases, the non-paying parent can face time in prison.

Why Hire a Child Support Lawyer?

As you can see, there are a great many things that can be handled by the court in order to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to the hardship of dealing with child support. Privett Law is here to make your life easier. Let me take on the task of cleaning up your child support issues, whether you owe child support or are owed. Contact Privett Law today for your full consultation, so you may gain a resolution to your child support problem.