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Oklahoma Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody is a highly sensitive issue that affects all of the relevant parties significantly. The matter of child custody traumatizes all sides of the action, and ultimately is filled with overwhelming sadness and anger. Theses emotions can make it extremely difficult for the parties to handle matters effectively, so it becomes necessary to seek the aid of a family lawyer. Family lawyers are needed to act as rational advocates for their clients, so as to be able to guide the parties towards an equitable and rational outcome. The happiness of the child can be overlooked when emotions are running high, and Privett Law will help you work towards the most positive living situation possible for the child and parents/guardians.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the statistics of child custody the national numbers are not so kind to the fathers of these children. Nationally, it is proven that the mother is more likely to gain child custody, as mothers win custody at a rate of 83.9% as opposed to the father who wins only 15.2% of the time. Additionally, and on a national statistical scale, 37.9% of fathers have no visitation rights, and more than likely their rights are being impugned by the mother. This is a sad battle that is fought time and time again, and it is seen through many different races and income levels.

Privett Law is a family law firm that will represent your cause as zealously as possible as you work through this intensely stressful and difficult battle. Child custody affects everyone of every statistic, so Privett Law will offer personalized assistance in the matter of child custody. No one should try to resolve a matter as delicate as child custody on their own, so contact Privett Law today. Let me help you by being the rational advocate you need so badly in this time of tribulation.

Evidence Needed At Child Custody Hearings

In a child custody case involving establishing or modifying a child support obligation, you should be prepared to discuss:

Your past and current earnings
Your household expenses
Other household income
Your other dependents
Expenses related to the child

Obligation to Pay Child Support

The support obligation will be set based upon these factors. If there are any unusual factors relating to your circumstances which you believe might affect the decision, you must be prepared to share that information at the hearing. You should have specific information about health insurance costs, with a breakdown of the cost for each dependent. Most employers have documents which set out these costs.

Oklahoma Child Custody Enforcement

In a child custody case related to enforcement or registration of an existing child support order, you should have payment records, or copies of any court orders or satisfactions filed. If you are seeking credit for times when the child was not with the obligee, you must present specific information about the dates and the whereabouts of the child during those periods. Written evidence, such as school records, could be helpful.

Why Hire an Oklahoma Family Lawyer?

In child custody cases, many elements need to be considered in order for the fate of the child to be determined. Here at Privett Law Firm, I have years of experience in regards to child custody battles. I can help lessen the painful process of your child custody case by acting as a rational guiding force for you as you work towards a solution that is the best for you and your child or children. Contact me now for a full consultation regarding your battle with child custody. Let me make your life a little bit easier. You are not alone!