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Oklahoma Family Law Topics
Family Law

Family Law is an area of law that is extremely difficult for every party.  The reality is that a family is breaking up, and deep emotions overcome anyone who is involved with such a dispute. It's a long-known fact that emotions need to be removed from any family legal proceeding, as emotions tend to cloud judgments and lead to ill-advised acts or statements.  No one looks forward to dealing with a family law dispute, but if such a dispute arises, you owe it to yourself and all the others involved to handle it properly by hiring an effective family law attorney in Oklahoma.

The best way to do so is to remove the emotion from the situation as much as possible.  That's accomplished by securing Oklahoma family law representation so that an experienced, professional party can help you work through this process.  Privett Law Firm has been providing family law representation for many years, and experience is invaluable in situations like these.  If you are faced with a family issue, the worst thing you can do is attempt to handle it yourself-by logical result, your judgment is not what it should be and the legal technicalities that are inherent in any family law issue is extremely complicated.

Marriage and Divorce Lawyers

Common law marriages can be difficult to prove, and the rights that result from such an arrangement are also murky, but marriage is defined in the statutes, as the grounds for divorce in Oklahoma.  Here at Privett Law Firm, I will work to protect your best interests in these difficult times of family division.

Divorce & Taxes Representation in Oklahoma

One of the most complicated results of a family division is how taxes in a divorce are handled, and here at Privett Law, I can help you understand how this process works and how to be financially prepared.

Oklahoma Child Custody 

If you are separating from your partner and the union has produced children, you need to make sure that you receive the child custody rights you deserve.  This is often the most emotionally-charged aspect of family law representation in Oklahoma or anywhere else, and I'll be there to help you fight for the custody rights you deserve.

Oklahoma Child Support

Child support in Oklahoma is generally decided on the basis of the custody rights and a numerical equation that's based on income. Here at Privett Law, I will provide you guidance in terms of what you can expect and how to enforce the obligation if necessary.

Emergency Temporary Custody Assistance in Oklahoma

Certain situations call for extreme measures, especially when the health and the safety of children are involved.  Here at Privett law, I will be able to help you fight for emergency temporary custody if the situation calls for it.

Oklahoma Guardianship Laws

Guardianship of a child in a family law setting in Oklahoma generally arises in difficult circumstances.  Here at Privett Law, I will help you to understand guardianship laws and how to appoint guardianship for a child with a family lawyer consultation.

Paternity Action

Paternity actions are used to remove any ambiguity as to the identity of the father of a child or children, and here at Privett Law I will be able to help you determine if pursuing a paternity action or if paternity testing is advisable.

Prenuptial Agreement 

Prenuptial agreements combine the bodies of family law and contract law, and you'll need family law representation before agreeing to or analyzing a prenuptial agreement in Oklahoma.

Property Division and Separation of Assets Representation in OK

Property Division and the separation of assets generally  looks simple "on paper," but can be a complicated and heated scenario. Each party in a property division or separation of assets may not see eye-to-eye and a division of assets lawyer can help you through this difficult process.

Oklahoma Protective Orders and Restraining Orders

Protective Orders in Oklahoma arise when a situation calls for a party to maintain distance from another.  At Privett Law, I will be able to help you define when such a protective order or restraining order is necessary and to pursue one when it's advisable to do so.

Spousal Support Laws in Oklahoma

Spousal support is a complicated issue at times, and Privett Law provides family law representation in Oklahoma that will help you to understand the norms and procedures involved in supporting a spouse after a divorce.

Step-Parent Adoption Laws in Oklahoma

Step-parent adoption in Oklahoma can be advisable in certain situations, but it can also be a hotly-disputed issue.  Contact Privett Law to find out if pursuing such a course in step-parent adoption is advisable.

Oklahoma Military Divorce

Military Divorce in Oklahoma can involve complicated questions of jurisdiction and other legal technicalities, which means that you'll need Oklahoma family law representation to make sure that no steps are missed or overlooked when a military divorce is performed.

Visitation Rights and Grandparent Visitation in Oklahoma

Visitation rights, including those involving grandparent visitation rights, are extremely emotionally-charged legal situations, which is why you'll need experienced family law representation in Oklahoma to make sure that everything is handled appropriately and proper visitation rights are awarded.

Oklahoma Legal Modifications in Visitation, Custody, and Child Support

Circumstances can changed after a union is dissolved and here at Privett Law I can help you determine if any visitation, custody, or child support modifications to the original dissolution agreement should be pursued.

Why Hire an Oklahoma Family Lawyer?

Overall, the dissolution of a union can involve several highly-emotional and highly-complicated issues that are often hotly-disputed.  In order to make sure that emotions do not govern your decisions, you need to secure Oklahoma family law representation that will tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear. Contact Privett Law today for a full consultation.

Get Help with your Oklahoma Family Law Issue!

Contact Privett Law in Pawnee, Oklahoma today for a full consultation regarding our family law representation.  I will be able to help you understand the process behind your issues and to zealously advocate your position so that your rights are properly enforced and protected.  If you need help with a divorce, child support, child custody, division of assets, or any other legal family matter, I am ready to assist you.