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Estate Planning Topics For Oklahoma
Oklahoma Estate Attorneys and Estate Planning Lawyers

It's a fact of life that someday, we will all leave this world, and given that reality, no matter how morbid, we all need to be as prepared as possible for that day.  Our loved ones deserve the opportunity to wish us farewell in peace and to deal with the grief that always accompanies death without the added stress of estate and inheritance problems.  

Here at Privett Law, we provide estate planning representation for clients in a plethora of situations, and in order to make sure that you have everything handled properly, or even if you're in a situation where you need an estate planning attorney to fight for your rights, you need to contact our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.  Below is an overview of the types of issues that I handle in furtherance of estate planning representation for Oklahoma clients.

Will Creation and Living Wills in Oklahoma-Protect Your Loved Ones

The most well-known estate planning tool is a will, which is a document that dictates how a decedent's estate will be allocated and to whom.  However, will creation needs to meet certain technical requirements in order to be legally valid, which is why estate planning representation is an advisable step for those in Oklahoma.

A living will is relatively new when compared to "traditional" wills, and is also quite different in its intent.  A living will is a document that directs how a person's medical decisions should be handled and by whom when he or she is in a situation such as a coma or on life support, and these need to be prepared with extreme care.

Oklahoma Estate Transfers-Attorneys Helping to Avoid High Taxes

Estate transfers refer to the process of actually doling out estate property after someone passes away.  The reason that it's an issue is because these estate transfers can lead to costly taxes if they're not planned for and effectuated properly, which is why you would be wise to secure Oklahoma estate transfer representation from Privett Law.

Heir Planning in Oklahoma-Asset Division Lawyers

Along with the decisions that must be made in regards to estate transfers, one must also complete the heir planning when putting an estate together.  Heir planning refers to the process of deciding who will receive your assets, when they will receive them and in what form they will be received.  For instance, some heirs may receive their inheritance in a lump sum payment while others may receive it in installments or after they reach  a certain age.

Non-Judicial Termination of Joint Tenancy

This process refers to the process involved when a tract of land and property is owned in joint tenancy by two people, and how the appropriate transfer of ownership in that property is made to the surviving owner without having to involve the judicial process.

Power of Attorney in OK-Prevent Indecision and Define Your Wishes

The questions regarding power of attorney in Oklahoma can be extremely difficult and emotionally-charged in several situation, as a Power of Attorney can be executed for several reasons, but one must be extremely careful to place the proper limits on execution of this power in order to prevent future conflicts and controversies.

Oklahoma Estate Property-Asset and Property Protection

Many times, one of the central questions involving an estate is whether a particular tract of land or other asset is to be deemed estate property for the purposes of inheritance, transfers, taxes and ownership.  Securing Oklahoma estate planning representation from Privett Law will allow you to clearly identify what is and what is not estate property and allow you to avoid confusion and conflict.

The Probate Process in Oklahoma-Avoid Future Legal Implications

The probate process in Oklahoma can be relatively simple or excruciatingly difficult, depending on how well the estate has been managed and planned prior to the decedent's death.  Regardless of how it results, securing Oklahoma estate planning representation will minimize the chances of an exhausting legal battle in the probate courts before it begins.

Trusts-Creating, Modification and Termination of a Trust in Oklahoma

One of the most popular and prevalent efforts to avoid probate and estate taxes, as well as to create the opportunity for different options for the estate's beneficiaries is an instrument known as a trust.  A trust in Oklahoma is advantageous for several reasons, but there are three steps involved with every trust that must  be handled with the utmost care and eye for detail in order to avoid a legal battle in the future.

Privett Law provides estate planning representation for clients in Oklahoma in the areas of creating trusts, modifying trusts and the termination of trusts, each of which involve several specific legal steps and strategies.  A trust could be of aid in almost any financial situation, but you need to make sure that the option you choose is best for you. 

Retain an Oklahoma Estate Lawyer

As you see, properly planning an estate can create several options and choices for you, but the bottom line is that it must be done, and it must be done properly to allow those you love to grieve properly and maintain their peace of mind.  Every process of estate planning begins with a thorough analysis of your present and future situation, and once that's been accomplished, the estate planning representation provided by Privett Law should provide you with all the answers you need to get the process of planning for the inevitable started.

Contact Privett Law today to make sure that you've properly cared for those you love, and you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your days with your own peace of mind.