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ReNu Moisture Loc Side Effects Lawyers Oklahoma

Privett Law is an Oklahoma law firm that’s helps injured consumers hold responsible parties accountable for disseminating defective products for many years, and unfortunately, as businesses continue to grow and present new and innovative products to the marketplace, new risks are also introduced to the public. When this happens, you do have rights and legal options.

One of the products that has come under scrutiny recently is the Renu Contact MoistureLoc solution. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of using Renu Contact MoistureLoc, you need to contact Privett Law immediately to schedule an initial consultation.

Renu Contact MoistureLoc’s Manufacturer

Renu Contact MoistureLoc is manufactured and distributed by a true corporate giant in Bausch and Lomb, a company that’s been an industry leader in the eye care products market for many years.

Renu Contact MoistureLoc’s Intended Use

Renu Contact MoistureLoc solution was supposed to perform several functions for the consumer who wears and uses contact lenses. The product was to serve not only as a storage solution for contact lenses, but also as a cleaning solution. In the past, consumers were forced to purchase separate products for each of these necessary functions, but Renu Contact MoistureLoc allowed consumers to handle both needs with one product and purchase.

Renu Contact MoistureLoc’s Side Effects

The Renu Contact MoistureLoc solution came under fire after studies and reports began to link the product with an outbreak of a serious eye infection that was otherwise rare in number. Specifically, these reports began to detail incidents of consumers who were using this product and suffering from a condition known as fungal keratitis. Fungal keratitis is a condition that affects the eye’s cornea, and if it is not treated promptly and properly, serious and long-term eye damage can be the result.

If you have used Renu Contact MoistureLoc and are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Eye pain
  • Eye discomfort
  • Vision problems
  • Extreme sensitivity to light

You may be suffering from the beginning stages of fungal keratitis. If this infection is diagnosed in its early stages, chances are that medication can help cure this problem. However, if fungal keratitis is allowed to grow and goes untreated, eye surgery may be necessary to remove the fungus from the eye’s structure.

FDA Warnings and ReNu MoistureLoc

The FDA has gotten involved in this situation on more than one occasion, and it has worked with the manufacturer to help alert the consumer public of the danger involved with the Renu Contact MoistureLoc product. Specifically, the FDA has acted twice in response to this problem, and these actions have come in the form of public warnings and general notifications.

The first incident occurred on April 10, 2006, when the FDA announced on its Web site that Bausch and Lomb, Inc. had decided to ask retailers to stop selling the product due to reports from such entities as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a high incidence rate of fungal keratitis was occurring in those who used this product. This was not technically classified as a “recall,” and the manufacturer called this issue a “voluntary market withdrawal.”

The FDA updated its information one month later in an effort to keep consumers up to date in regards to this issue. The main thrust of this additional information was to educate consumers on how to proceed if they were at risk as a result of using Renu Contact MoistureLoc. Basically, consumers were warned to stop using the product immediately and to seek medical attention.

Oklahoma ReNu Lawsuit - Know Your Legal Rights

If you have suffered as a result of using the Renu Contact MoistureLoc solution, you do have legal rights and options at your disposal. However, in order to gain a complete perspective of these rights and options, you need to contact Privett Law as soon as possible.

If it’s decided that you do have a viable claim, your case will most likely proceed under the theory of products liability. Reports have indicated that the outbreak of this eye infection as it relates to the Renu Contact MoistureLoc product was due to problems in the manufacturing process that allowed the fungi that leads to this infection to remain in vats of the solution as it was being prepared and packaged.

You and your attorney will need to show that you used the product in question and that you were using the product regularly. You’ll also need to show that you were in fact infected with fungal keratitis as a result, and that you suffered damages because of the defect present in this product. There are many ways to prove your damages, including medical bills and any additional medical care you needed because of this infection.

Oklahoma ReNu MoistureLoc Attorney

If you’ve suffered as a result of using Renu Contact MoistureLoc, you have rights that need to be protected. However, you only have a certain amount of time to act, so contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial consultation.