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Fentanyl Pain Patch Lawyers Helping Those Suffering from Side Effects

Many people live in chronic pain, and the constant presence of this pain can completely ruin someone’s quality of life. Over time, several different forms of treatment have emerged to help those who need it manage their pain, and one of the recent innovations in response to this need is an entire line of products known as fentanyl pain patches.

Unfortunately, reports of fentanyl pain patch side effects began to surface after several of them were approved and released onto the marketplace. Below you’ll find information regarding how the fentanyl pain patch is supposed to work, the fentanyl pain patch side effects reports and what consumers experienced, the general reaction to these reports and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has suffered from fentanyl pain patch side effects.

A Brief Description of the Fentanyl Pain Patch Line

Fentanyl is the active ingredient in these patches, and this substance is an extremely powerful pain medication. Fentanyl has traditionally been used for patients who have suffered from extreme pain and whose tolerance has overcome the effects of other, less potent pain medications. In terms of comparison, fentanyl is generally known to be approximately 100 times more powerful than morphine.

Therefore, fentanyl is only used with patients in dire need of help. The substance was incorporated into patches by several companies so that these patches could be prescribed for patients and the patches affixed to areas of the body in chronic pain and that needed constant medication to dull the effects of this pain. At first, fentanyl pain patches seemed to work relatively well, and patients only needed to change patches every few days for constant relief from their symptoms.

Reports of Fentanyl Pain Patch Side Effects Begin to Surface

Unfortunately, reports of fentanyl pain patch side effects eventually began to surface with patients who had used them. Since fentanyl is such a powerful medication, any problem with how the substance was delivered into the system of the patient could become instantly dangerous.

Generally, fentanyl pain patch side effects were tied to manufacturing problems with the product in that some of the lines of patches were not delivering the fentanyl in a regular and controlled fashion. Therefore, patients suffered from fentanyl overdoses of which they were not aware until the symptoms began to show themselves. Examples of common symptoms of fentanyl pain patch side effects included:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Confusion
  • Fainting

Unfortunately, these fentanyl pain patch side effects represent only the mildest cases. Fentanyl overdoses can be fatal, and as of 2005 the FDA had received reports of more than 125 deaths as a result of fentanyl overdoses in conjunction with the use of these products.

The Reaction to Reports of Fentanyl Pain Patch Side Effects

The growing number of reports of defective fentanyl pain patches led to several recalls of several different models made by different manufacturers. Below is an overview of those defective fentanyl pain patch product lines that were recalled in recent years:

  • Duragesic – The Duragesic fentanyl pain product was manufactured by Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The recall was initiated in February of 2008 because of manufacturing defects that affected 32 million patches.
  • Fentanyl transdermal system – The fentanyl transdermal system was manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The product line with the lot number of 92461850 with an expiration date of August 31, 2009 was recalled.
  • Actavis – The Actavis fentanyl transdermal system was sold by Actavis, Inc., and manufactured by Corium International Inc. Two separate recalls, initiated in February and in March of 2008, were initiated because of the tendency for these patches to fold over once they were implanted in a patient and to leak medication directly into the patient’s system.
It should be noted that the transdermal delivery systems were different in terms of their use by patients, but the results were still the same – fentanyl overdoses proved to be extremely harmful and in many cases deadly.

How an Oklahoma Defective Fentanyl Pain Patch Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of using any of these products, you need help in order to properly protect and enforce your legal rights. The fallout from these defects was difficult for everyone to overcome, and rather than attempt to take on a corporate giant in an effort to obtain justice, you need to level the playing field with an experienced Oklahoma fentanyl pain patch side effects lawyer. Contact Privett Law today to schedule a free initial consultation so you can get this process started.