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Defective Products Under Investigation
Defective Products and product Recall Attorneys

New products are introduced to the market everyday in the United States, most of which have been scrutiny tested and analyzed by professionals to determine any dangers they may pose.  Unfortunately, some potential dangers slip through the cracks and can possibly harm the consumer.  A product is defective, unreasonably dangerous to the user, when it has a propensity or tendency for causing physical harm beyond that which would be contemplated by the ordinary user, having ordinary knowledge of the product's characteristics commonly known to the foreseeable class of persons who would normally use the product.  In cases involving defective products, the manufacturer may be liable for injuries even though you may find that it exercised all reasonable care in the design, manufacture, and potentially deceptive marketing of the product.
DePuy Artificial Hip Replacement and Hip Resurface Implant Recall

DePuy Orthopedics released products known as the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System to provide patients with artificial hip replacements to alleviate pain from degenerative hips, and these products sold well over 93,000 in the United States, but unfortunately problems began to arise with these defective DePuy hip replacement parts that included metal shavings  being released into the body, bone fractures and dislocation in more than 400 people, prompting a DePuy hip replacement recall, and those who still have these parts inside of them may need the help of DePuy hip replacement recall lawyers.

Baxter HomeChoice Dialysis System

Consumers with kidney problems often rely on kidney dialysis machines to keep their kidneys functioning properly.  Baxter HomeChoice and HomeChoice PRO kidney dialysis systems were designed to do just that.  However, patients soon began to experience a few negative side effects from using the dialysis system, later found to be signs of Increased Intrapetitoneal Volume, a dangerous and possibly fatal condition.  If you are using the Baxter HomeChoice Dialysis System and experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, vomiting, or hypertension, contact a medical professional immediately and consult our law firm today.

Fentanyl Pain Patch Defects and Injuries

The Fentanyl pain patch was developed to deliver controlled doses of high-potency pain medication to a specific affected area of the body.  This method is usually turned to when patients develop a higher tolerance to lesser pain medications.  However, due to manufacturing defects, the Fentanyl pain patch began to deliver too much medication and some patients experienced overdose, some with fatal consequences.  If you have experienced harmful side effects from this type of pain medication, contact our law firm today.

Duragesic Patch Manufacturer Defect Attorneys

The Duragesic Patch is intended for use by those suffering from pain by affixing the patch to the painful region of the body and emitting a pain medication.  Due to a manufacturing problem, higher amounts of pain medication have leaked into patients' skin leading improper pain control and possible overdose.  Serious complications from an overdose in pain medication can include drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea; which can lead to coma and possibly death.  The FDA announced a recall of the Duragesic Patch in 2004 as a result of these serious potential dangers.  If you or a loved one has been injured by the use of the Duragesic Patch, compensation may be available. Contact or law firm today.

ReNu Contact MoistureLoc Solution Eye Infection Lawsuits

ReNu Contact MoistureLoc was to serve as a storage solution for contact lenses and as a cleaning solution, eliminating the need for the two separate products.  Studies and reports started linking ReNu Contact MoistureLoc to a serious eye infection known as fungal kerstitis.  This infection affects the cornea of the eye, and can be very damaging if not treated properly.  If using ReNu MoistureLoc has or is causing you eye pain, discomfort, vision problems, or extra sensitivity to light fugal keratitis may be to blame and you should seek medical attention immediately. Injuries that have been caused by using ReNu MoistureLoc deserve compensation.  Contact us and we'll examine your case.

Ortho Evra Patch Defect Compensation

The Ortho Evra birth control patch was intended to be an easy, more effective option for birth control.  For some time, the Ortho Evra patch was very popular and successful, but unfortunately began to encounter problems.  Serious side effects began surfacing about the Ortho Evra Patch because of a defect causing too much hormones being introduced into females' bodies. Side effects from the defect can include high blood pressure, stroke, and other heart-related issues that may lead to heart damage and possible heart failure.  Injuries from this defective patch may deserve compensation from the manufacturer and we are here to help.  Call us today to discuss your potential lawsuit for injuries sustained from a defective Ortho Evra Patch.

Poligrip and Fixodent Zinc Poisoning 

Denture cream is a product that is used by millions of consumers in the United States.  Poligrip and Fixodent are two of these products, and have recently been linked to zinc poisoning by consumers around the country filing adverse effect reports with the FDA and through their doctors.  Additionally, the Journal of Neurology published the results of a study in 2008 that concluded that long-term denture cream overuse caused zinc poisoning in four patients. The poisoning resulted in serious neurological problems.  Physical side effects from zinc poisoning can include numbness, appendage tingling, anemia, paralysis, muscle weakness, pain, nerve damage, and bone marrow failure.  Each of these side effects are very serious, can cause long term damage, and extensive injuries.  Properly represented victims of zinc poisoning from Poligrip and Fixodent products have been awarded damages in court for injuries sustained.  Contact Privett Law today to discuss your injuries.