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Tylenol Recall Lawyers

McNeil is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and it by itself is a giant in the over-the-counter medication industry. McNeil manufactures such brand-name products as Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl, and for decades these medications have generated billions of dollars in annual revenue for both McNeil and Johnson & Johnson.

Unfortunately for many people, several products that are manufactured by McNeil have been scrutinized intensely by several entities, including defective drugs lawyers, based on several hundred reports of the development of serious side effects and even deaths as a result of taking these products. Below you’ll find information regarding recent recalls of drugs manufactured by these entities, a description of the problems discovered at one of the McNeil’s manufacturing plants that could be related to these adverse effects reports, examples of Tylenol and Motrin side effects that generated these adverse effects reports and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been injured by using any of these drugs and you need the help of an Oklahoma defective drugs lawyer.

Potential Side Effects Involved in the McNeil Medication Recall

The McNeil recalls have taken place in response to hundreds of adverse effects reports by consumers, many of which include reports of side effects that include the development of nausea from the odor of the pills as mentioned above as well as innumerable other McNeil medication side effects that have not yet been released by the FDA in terms of their specifics.

What’s most troubling is that to date, at least 37 people have died after using the products that were recalled. 30 of these deaths occurred prior to the latest McNeil medication recall that began on May 1 and since then seven more people have died. The company has denied that these deaths are related to the use of these drugs and to date the FDA has not refuted this claim. However, the investigation is continuing and will soon expand to the rest of the manufacturing plants that fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA.

How an Oklahoma Defective Drugs Lawyer Can Help

When viewing this issue as a whole, what’s perhaps most daunting is that few if any people seem to understand what is causing all of these McNeil medication side effects to this point. What is known is that hundreds of people have gotten sick as a result of using these medications and 37 people have died. If you or someone you love has been harmed as a result of using any of these medications, contact Privett Law immediately to schedule a free initial consultation.