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Propecia Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Lawsuit Attorney

For centuries, there were a certain amount of men who lost their hair relatively early in life. This phenomenon was generally linked to simple genetics and to fate, and throughout history most simply assumed that nothing could be done once someone's hair began to disappear. However, pharmaceutical drug companies eventually began to study the issue, and one company, Merck, released a medication known as Propecia. Unfortunately, the need for help from Propecia attorneys around the United States is growing in prevalence because of alleged Propecia side effects.

Propecia is a medication that actually has two uses, including the treatment of male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH, which is the enlargement of the prostate gland. Unfortunately, given the popularity of Propecia, men have reported the development and continued existence of Propecia side effects that have included:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased desire for sexual relations
  • Decreased volume of ejaculate
  • Testicular pain

Propecia Sexual Side Effects in Men

There are other, much less common effects of Propecia that have been reported by some men, but the alleged Propecia permanent impotence and related problems have been those that have led to the most attention to this point. This is especially the case because in most situations, the alleged Propecia impotence is permanent in nature.

Given the reason why someone would begin to use Propecia, the potential result of doing so can be devastating for any man for many reasons. When men wanted to reverse the progress of their male pattern baldness, they used Propecia. Permanent impotence was not something they or anyone else could consider, and this problem can destroy many of the hopes of a person who wants to enjoy his life.

Therefore, when this situation does arise and someone suddenly suffers from erectile dysfunction, that person has much to do in order to learn more about his new problem, to understand what if any treatment options are available for this new problem, how to cope with impotence and finally how to attempt to overcome the challenges that have been thrust upon him.

Propecia Lawsuits for Permanent Impotence

There are also legal rights and options to consider, and these considerations and strategic decisions that could lead to a Propecia lawsuit should be made with the close involvement of an experienced Propecia lawyer. A Propecia attorney can help someone who has been harmed in this manner understand the legal rights involved and help him hold those responsible for this permanent impotence problem accountable.

 Propecia Lawyers for Impotence Lawsuits

When a man begins to use Propecia for his male pattern baldness or he uses another Merck product for this problem known as Proscar and he discovers that he's impotent and could face this condition permanently, several other difficulties will arise. For instance, sexual intercourse will obviously be more difficult without obtaining some form of help, but fathering children will also become much more of a challenge given the harm that has been done.

Whether a man has been harmed by Propecia, Proscar or Finasteride, a generic equivalent, Propecia lawsuits that are filed by experienced Propecia lawyers will provide the injured man with an opportunity to recover help for necessary treatments. At this point, more and more men are beginning to report Propecia side effects, and this could eventually lead to the filing of a Propecia class action lawsuit.

Until that day arrives, however, those who have been harmed should not wait and should instead seek the help of Propecia attorneys who have handled defective drugs cases in the past. Managing these cases not only requires skill and knowledge, but also experience when it comes to dealing with large pharmaceutical companies in a litigation setting.

Propecia Side Effects - Permanent Impotence

Propecia side effects include several different types of sexual difficulties for men, and the most common effects of Propecia are briefly described below:

  • Erectile dysfunction – Erectile dysfunction can describe a situation where a man experiences difficulty either obtaining an erection or maintaining one.
  • Decreased sexual desires – Men who have used Propecia have experienced a lower level of desire for sexual intercourse and sexual activity in general.
  • Decreased volume of ejaculate – Men who have suffered from the effects of Propecia have experienced a lower volume in semen, which can affect the ability to conceive a child in some situations.
  • Testicular pain – General testicular pain is another commonly alleged Propecia side effect, and this pain will obviously affect the desire in a man to have sexual relations.

Propecia Uses - Hairloss and Balding

Propecia is almost always prescribed for men who are experiencing the effects of male pattern baldness. The medication is limited to men and Merck explicitly states that women and children should not use this medication. It generally works on balding men who are losing hair at the back and top of their heads and not necessarily those who are losing hair around their temples. The company also claims that 90 percent of men who have used Propecia have either experienced the growth of new hair or stopped losing the hair that had been disappearing.

Propecia works by reducing the amount of DHT on a man's scalp. DHT is a substance that can shrink hair follicles to the point where they no longer produce visible hair. Propecia penetrates the man's system and limits the production of DHT so that new hair can continue to grow and so that existing hair follicles will not be harmed.

 Propecia Warning Labels

The issue regarding Propecia warning labels is one that leads to some troubling thoughts by anyone who reviews the different standards that exist for this medication in different parts of the world. In the United States, Propecia is recognized as one of many potential erectile dysfunction causes, but its label these effects of Propecia occur in less than two percent of the men who use it and that when this cause of impotence is eliminated, the problem ceased.

However, the warning labels regarding the effects of Propecia in different parts of Europe appear to be much stricter and more direct. In the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden, for example, the Propecia warning labels state that the Propecia caused impotence can be permanent in some men. This stronger label language is relatively new in Sweden, as the country ordered this new label warning to be included on the packaging in January of 2011.