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Accutane Attorneys and Side Effect Lawsuits

Privett Law is an Oklahoma law firm who protects the rights of those injured by defective drugs such as Accutane. Accutane is a drug that’s come under intense scrutiny in recent years, and lawyers all over the United States are becoming more aware of the serious consequences that can result from taking this drug.

If you are suffering from Crohn's Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, your injury may be due to Accutane. Protect your rights and your future, contact our Accutane lawyers today.

Below is an overview of the facts and issues surrounding Accutane, but if you or someone you love has been injured as a result of this medication, you need to contact Privett Law immediately to schedule an initial consultation and to begin the process of evaluating your legal rights and options.

Accutane’s Manufacturer - Roche Pharmaceuticals

Accutane was originally manufactured and distributed by Roche Laboratories, which is now known as Hoffman-LaRoche. The company is a giant in the industry, and has faced a large amount of scrutiny and liability as a result of Accutane.

Intended Use of Accutane for Acne Treatment

Accutane was originally formulated and marketed for use in the aid of managing and mitigating the effects of acne. Acne is a condition that affects millions of people, and if it goes untreated, it can lead to permanent scarring on patients’ faces and the rest of their bodies.

Accutane Dangerous Side Effects and Injuries

There are several side effects that have been linked to Accutane, and these links to side effects have led to litigation in several jurisdictions. The most serious of the side effects associated with Accutane is the development of depression that can even lead to thoughts of suicide. In certain cases, users of this drug acted on those suicidal thoughts, leading to lawsuits.

Accutane should also not be taken by pregnant women, as studies have shown that the drug can cause severe birth defects, including horrible physical malformations and mental retardation. Not only should pregnant women not take this drug, but women should not even become pregnant while working through a protocol of Accutane.

More recently, Accutane has been linked to the development of bowel conditions such as:

  • Crohn's Disease
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Bowel inflammation Chest pain Wounds that take longer to heal
  • Fatigue
  • Skin infections Intestinal discomfort Hyper-sensitivity to the sun
  • Vision problems Loss of hair

If you are experiencing any symptoms that do not seem normal, do not hesitate and assume they’re being caused by some other agent. Contact your primary medical care provider immediately to schedule a full medical evaluation before these side effects develop into a situation that’s not only extremely serious, but also dangerous.

Accutane FDA Warnings and General Scrutiny

Accutane has suffered through its share of scrutiny not only from trial lawyers around the country, but also from governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There have been multiple updates regarding Accutane published on the FDA’s Web site, and the first occurred in 2005.

In July of 2005, the FDA published a warning that due to the potential link between Accutane and suicidal tendencies, those taking this medication should be monitored closely by the patients’ medical care providers, and any indication that depressive and/or suicidal thoughts were taking place should prompt the medical care providers to take immediate action to mitigate the danger.

The active ingredient in Accutane, isotretinoin, is seen as particularly dangerous, and the FDA stated that when a patient exhibits signs of depressive/suicidal tendencies, even removing the drug from the patient’s system may not be sufficient to curb the danger. Instead, close and constant supervision was recommended.

The second warning in regards to Accutane was published by the FDA on its Web site in October of 2007, and this warning centered on the dangers of buying isotretinoin over the Internet, as it should only be used under close supervision of a licensed physician, and should never be used independently by a patient.

Full Recall of Accutane Acne Medication

In late June of 2009, Roche Holding AG initiated a full recall of Accutane.  At that time, over $33 million in lawsuits had been awarded related to bowel disease side effects of the acne medication.  Such conditions as Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease have been linked to patients taking Accutane lawsuits continue to mount against Roche.

Hiring an Accutane Side Effects Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been injured or worse as a result of taking Accutane, you need to contact Privett Law as soon as possible. The defective drugs attorneys at the firm possess decades of collective experience in helping those injured by drugs that include Accutane, and there are different paths down which a viable legal claim could travel.

The first path would be a claim under the theory of products liability, which would require the claimant to prove that Accutane was defective and that this defect led to the claimant’s injuries. Given the amount of litigation that’s already taken place with Accutane at issue, one could feel confident in establishing its problematic nature.

The other theory that could be used would be one of medical malpractice. Given the number of warnings and recommendations published regarding the need for close and ongoing medical supervision of the patient taking Accutane, liability could arise when this does not occur in Oklahoma or anywhere else.

If any of these situations or side effects sound familiar, do not waste time. Contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial consultation and to begin the process of examining your legal rights and options.