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Dangerous Drugs Under Investigation
Oklahoma Defective Drug Lawyers and Lawsuits

Privett Law is an Oklahoma Law Firm who has been helping those injured as a result of taking defective drugs for any innumerable medical condition.  Billions of dollars are spent every year researching and now marketing all different forms of drugs, and with the onslaught of new drugs hitting the market with regularity, odds are that some of them are going to turn out to be problematic, ultimately drawing scrutiny from such entities as the FDA, the CDC and of course defective drug lawyers in Oklahoma and all over the country.

Accutane:  Crohn's Disease, Colitis, and IBD Side Effects

Accutane is manufactured by Roche Laboratories and has recently been linked to patients developing bowel disease including Crohn's Disease, IBD, and Ulcerative Colitis.  Accutane is prescribed to treat severe acne in adolescents and adults.  Unfortunately patients using Accutane began to experience painful, cramp-like symptoms in their abdomen along with fatigue, nausea, and frequent bowel movements that were diagnosed as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Colitis.  These harmful side effects of Accutane have led to removal of the victim's colon and other extensive surgeries to help treat their condition.  In 2009, Roche announced a full recall of Accutane from the market due to dangerous side effects and patient injury.

Avandia Harmful Side Effects Information

Avandia was developed to help treat type-2 diabetes, a condition that affects millions of Americans.  Upon its release, Avandia showed positive results in helping patients with diabetes manage their condition. However, studies later showed that Avandia was linked to the development of macular and peripheral edema, which may lead to vision problems and congestive heart failure.  The FDA has ordered a "Black Box" warning and continues to monitor studies regarding Avandia.  

DePuy Hip Replacement and Resurfacing Implant Recall

DePuy Orthopedics hip replacement and resurfacing implant units known as the ASR XL Acetubular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System models have recently been recalled due to injuries and complications in patients.  These artificial hip implants were developed to alleviate pain in degenerative hip  patients and replace diseased bone.  Over 93,000 units were sold in the US when reports of problems associated with metal shavings affecting the joint area, femur fracture, and implant dislocation began to surface.  When more than 400 patient problems were received by DePuy, the hip implant manufacturer initiated a voluntary recall.  If you have received a DePuy hip replacement implant or hip resurfacing unit and are experiencing pain, inflammation, or dislocation issues, contact our Law Firm at once.

Fixodent and Poligrip Zinc Poisoning 

Millions of Americans use denture cream on a daily basis.  Poligrip and Fixodent are two major brands of denture cream that have recently been linked to zinc poisoning in consumers.  Long-term and overuse of these products has shown to increase zinc levels to dangerous levels, often causing serious neurological problems.  Symptoms of zinc poisoning include numbness, tingling in appendages, anemia, paralysis, nerve damage, and bone marrow problems.  These side effects can lead to long term bodily damage and extensive harm in victims.  If you have used these popular denture cream products and feel you have been injured or experience negative side effects, contact our firm to discuss your options today.

Januvia Side Effects and Pancreas Damage

Januvia, another drug to treat symptoms of type-2 diabetes has recently come under scrutiny for side effects relating to pancreatis in patients.  Inflammation of the pancreas from taking Januvia can lead to several dangerous conditions and even death in patients if not treated immediately.  Victims of pancreatitis from Januvia side effects have begun to file lawsuits against the manufacturer, Merck.  If you are experiencing abdominal pain, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, intense headaches, or chronic fatigue and are/have taken Januvia, seek medical attention immediately and contact our firm today to discuss your compensation options.

Provigil and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Side Effects

Provigil, a medication developed to manage narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea, has recently come under scrutiny for patients developing Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.  This condition, also known as SJS, is a skin disorder that attacks soft tissue and underlying mucous membranes.  Skin will begin to peel off and not replace itself with new tissue, often leading to infection and possibly death.  This condition is obviously very painful and usually seriously affects the lives of victims.  I would advise patients that have taken, or are taking, Provigil to seek medical attention immediately if rash-like symptoms appear on the skin.

Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella Injury Lawyers

There are many birth control options on the market today.  Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella, manufactured by Bayer, are three examples of drugs that are used to prevent pregnancy in women.  Unfortunately, these drugs have been linked to harmful side effects such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, pulmonary embolisms, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and could possible cause death.  If you or someone you love is experiencing negative side effects, contact us to see how I can help you.

Definitions of FDA Drug Recall Alerts

Below is a brief look at just a few examples of the FDA recalls of defective drugs that have caused injuries and in some cases death, and if you or someone you love has suffered as a result of these products or any other, contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial consultation.

FDA Class I Recall:  A situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

FDA Class II Recall:  A situation in which use of or exposure to a violative product may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote.

FDA Class III Recall:   A situation in which use of or exposure to a violative product is not likely to cause adverse health consequences.

FDA Market Withdrawal:  Occurs when a product has a minor violation that would not be subject to FDA legal action.  The firm removes the product from the market or corrects the violation.  For example, a product removed from the market due to tampering, without evidence of manufacturing or distribution problems, would be a market withdrawal.

Contact a Defective Drug Lawyer

As you see, there are many defective drugs on the market that have led to a large amount of suffering by those in Oklahoma and around the world.  The most dangerous aspect of this situation is that consumers are conditioned to trust their doctors and the FDA in that they reasonably expect any drug they're given to be relatively safe. 

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of using defective drugs, you need to take action.  Contact me to day to schedule an initial consultation.  You do have legal rights and options that need to be explored, and if it's advisable, you and your attorney can also discuss the possibility of holding the responsible parties accountable.  Contact the firm today.