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Prostitution Charges Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma City

Most people somewhat jokingly call prostitution the 'world's oldest profession,' but for those who face prostitution-related charges in Oklahoma, there is no joking involved. These are serious situations to face, and those who have been arrested and charged or who are merely being questioned or investigated for these charges needs to seek the help of an Oklahoma prostitution defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Below you'll find information regarding the different prostitution-related crimes in Oklahoma, where prostitution can occur and where police are watching for it to occur, the potential defendants to a charge of prostitution and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love faces these types of charges and you need the help of the experience of Privett Law Firm.

Oklahoma Prostitution Crimes and Charges Defended by Our Attorneys

As one would expect, there are several different acts that could be related to prostitution crimes in Oklahoma. Below is a brief overview of some of the more serious charges that could be levied against a defendant:

  • Prostitution – Prostitution is the most basic crime, and it involves the selling of sexual acts to another person for money. This includes much more than sexual intercourse and could be extended to several different acts if the objective of the acts being sold is sexual arousal.
  • Soliciting/pandering – Soliciting prostitution, also known as pandering, is the act of attempting to persuade someone to engage in sexual conduct for money. Soliciting/pandering in Oklahoma can be charged if a person is either selling the sexual acts to another person or is offering money to another person to perform sexual acts.
  • Pimping – Pimping is the act of soliciting prostitution on behalf of another party, and this is a common act that is generally charged against someone who plays this role for multiple people. However, almost anyone can be charged with this crime if they solicit prostitution even once.
  • Child prostitution – Child prostitution is much the same as any other form of prostitution, except that the age of the alleged prostitute is younger than 16 years of age and the potential penalties are much harsher. Someone convicted of any prostitution-related act in Oklahoma involving a child could face up to 10 years in prison and up to a $5,000.00 fine for a first-time conviction.

    • The prostitute – Obviously, the most common defendant in terms of Oklahoma prostitution charges is the prostitute him or herself. This is generally where an investigation begins and from where it can lead to other defendants.
    • The 'john' – A 'john' is a street term used for the person who has bought the services of a prostitute. These parties can be just as liable for punishment if they are caught, tried and convicted of these charges as the prostitute.
    • The pimp – Pimping is a serious crime in Oklahoma, and those who engage in this conduct are generally caught because of witness testimony or help from others who identify them and what they do for police.

Where Police Watch for Prostitution in OK

When people think of prostitution, most have a visual image of someone standing on a street corner, scantily clad and openly soliciting their services. While the streets remain one of the main locations that law enforcement will look for prostitution violations, police are becoming much more present in other locations where this conduct could be occurring at any given time.

For instance, certain bars and nightclubs could earn a reputation for prostitution over time, and it's not uncommon for undercover police officers to be present in these establishments to watch for illegal conduct. It is also not uncommon for police officers to pose as prostitutes or pimps for the purpose of soliciting prostitution and arresting those who accept the offer.

In addition, certain hotels and businesses are also known for this type of conduct occurring on their properties, and much like the police work that's done in bars and nightclubs, officers can be and will be present at certain times to apprehend those who they believe could be engaging in some form of prostitution in Oklahoma

·      Potential Defendants to Prostitution Charges in Oklahoma

While those who work as prostitutes are generally the people who most often face these charges in Oklahoma, there are others who could also be arrested and charged. Below is a look at the parties who could wind up as defendants in prostitution related charges:

 Prostitution Defense Lawyer

If you face any prostitution-related charge in Oklahoma, you could be looking at time in jail or prison and a substantial fine or both if you are convicted. That's why you owe it to yourself to take immediate steps to build as strong a defense as possible as soon as possible. If you are facing this situation, contact Privett Law as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.