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Oklahoma Internet Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

The advent of the Internet has brought about a world of possibilities for society in general. Unfortunately, it has also brought about an entirely new set of crimes that can be charged and prosecuted in Oklahoma. One of the most emotionally-charged accusations that can be leveled against any person involves charges of Internet sex crimes. If you or someone you love faces this type of investigation or prosecution, you need to seek the help of Privett Law as soon as possible.

Below you’ll find information regarding what constitutes an Internet sex crime in Oklahoma, the potential penalties faced by someone who is convicted of an Internet sex crime, the real-world implications of living with such a conviction on a criminal record and finally information regarding how you should proceed if you need the help of an Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer.

Oklahoma Internet Sex Crimes

Oklahoma has a sex crimes statute that defines what constitutes an Internet sex crime, and it basically states that any conduct that facilitates or solicits sexual contact between a defendant and a minor or even someone whom the defendant believes to be a minor by way of any communication technology is guilty of violating this statute.

This means that anyone who uses a computer, a cell phone, a texting device or any other tool to communicate with a minor in order to seek sexual contact can be seen as a crime. In addition, the person making this solicitation need only believe that the subject is a minor, even if he or she is actually of age.

In addition to the direct solicitation of sexual contact with a minor via an electronic device, it is also illegal for anyone to buy or sell information to another person that pertains to the location, description or even the Internet sites at which a minor frequents. This information is seen as potentially being used to solicit sexual contact with a minor, and in many ways is analogous to aiding and abetting someone who has the desire to engage in this conduct.

Therefore, any Web site owner or administrator or anyone who has access to phone records, physical addresses, schools that someone attends or anything else that could lead to the identification and location of a minor that someone wants to contact for the purpose of sexual conduct could be arrested and charged with Internet sex crimes in Oklahoma.

Penalties and Punishment Oklahoma Internet Sex Crimes

If someone is involved with this conduct and is convicted of these charges, the convicted defendant faces serious penalties and consequences. A conviction for this charge in Oklahoma could result in a fine of up to $10,000.00, a prison term of up to 10 years or both. It should also be noted that every communication with a minor constitutes a separate offense. Therefore, if a convicted defendant solicited five minors for sexual contact and is convicted of each of those acts, he or she could face up to 50 years in prison, $50,000.00 in fines or both.

In addition to the prison terms and fines, the convicted defendant will have penal steps to take after he or she is released from prison. If a convicted defendant serves a minimum of two years in prison, he or she will also serve a term of post-imprisonment supervision to be determined by the court. This basically means that the convicted defendant will only be free if he or she adheres to several conditions, including regular meetings and reports with law enforcement officials.

Oklahoma Internet Sex Crime Conviction Aftermath

Ultimately, there are consequences on the line for any defendant beyond even the harsh penalties described above. For instance, convicted defendants will likely have to register as sex offenders with the state, and the convicted defendant will also have to carry a felony on his or her permanent criminal record.

These realities will prevent someone from ever obtaining gainful employment in all likelihood and will prevent that person from taking part in other activities that those who have not been convicted of a felony enjoy on a daily basis. In short, someone who is convicted of this crime pays for it for the rest of his or her life.

How an Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you face the possibility of being prosecuted for an Internet sex crime in Oklahoma, you need to take immediate action to protect your legal rights. You are guaranteed several rights by the Constitution, but they need to be proactively asserted in order to be put to use. The best first step to take is to seek the immediate help of an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer who can protect those rights during questioning and during the prosecution process. Contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.