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Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been convicted of a crime and you’re facing the prospect of serving a sentence in one of many Oklahoma prisons, there is information available that will help you in several ways. The more you know about any situation you’re about to encounter, the easier any transition will be, and even after you’re out of prison, there are options available to you in certain circumstances that will provide you with a fresh start.

Privett Law is an Oklahoma law firm that understands the realities of Oklahoma prisons, and we have also helped many clients pursue an expungement of their record when appropriate and possible, which in effect ‘wipes the slate clean’ in regards to your past. If you need help with either of these issues, contact the firm today to schedule an initial consultation.  Below is an overview of Oklahoma prisons and expungements.

Oklahoma State Prisons

The system surrounding Oklahoma prisons is extremely intricate and thoroughly organized, as the public would expect. However, there is one overriding problem in regards to Oklahoma prisons – overcrowding. Estimates indicate that at present time, Oklahoma prisons are operating at approximately 98% of capacity, creating an ongoing problem for prison officials in the state in terms of how to handle the influx of prisoners.

The nature of your incarceration will depend upon the charge for which you’re convicted. Oklahoma operates in much the same way as any other jurisdiction, in that a defendant who’s convicted of a felony will most likely serve time in a state prison. A defendant convicted of a misdemeanor, where the sentence is usually one year or less, is generally served at a county jail. There are a few differences between the two types of facilities, but the basic difference is that prisons are generally much larger and house many more inmates, and prisons are generally more thoroughly secured than jails.

In terms of what a prisoner can expect during his or her incarceration, the frank and blunt truth is that living a daily routine while incarcerated is difficult. Gangs and a criminal element tend to permeate any facility, and many prisoners are forced to choose an alliance or face scrutiny in the form of abuse from those existing prisoner factions.

However, there are positive outlets available in Oklahoma prisons. A prisoner can usually gain access to a library in order to further his or her studies, and he or she often has opportunities to get involved with educational and religious groups while incarcerated. The point is that if a prisoner appears to be taking a positive tract in life while incarcerated, it’s possible to earn an early release, especially when one considers the overcrowding problem.

All in all, Oklahoma prisons, like any others, need to be avoided at all costs. If you are facing a criminal prosecution that could result in prison time, you need to contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial consultation and to begin the process of protecting your rights.

Oklahoma Expungement: Clearing Past Convictions

One of the most positive outlooks that a convicted defendant has working for him or her is that if certain conditions apply, the opportunity for an expungement could arise. An expungement in effect wipes your criminal record of that entry in your history, which means that in the future, you won’t have to tell a prospective employer or property manager that you have a conviction on your criminal record.

Expungement and Completion of a Deferred Sentence

In certain situations, a judge will offer a defendant the opportunity of a deferred sentence. Often times, this means that if a defendant follows through on a plan that could include such steps as dependency counseling, anger management and/or community service within a certain amount of time, and that defendant does not encounter any additional legal problems, he or she could bring a motion to have his or her criminal record expunged upon the completion of this plan.

Ultimate Finding of Innocence

If you are either acquitted at trial or you’re convicted and it’s later overturned for such reasons as newly discovered DNA evidence that exonerates a defendant, that party can bring a motion for expungement in Oklahoma.

Municipal Violations

Minor offenses including jaywalking, speeding, etc. can at times be expunged from a criminal record.  These minor infractions do not weigh very heavily on an offender's record, but could possibly create complications at a later date or when the person commits a repeat offense.  Having these municipal violations expunged from your record can avoid future problems and keep your record clean.

Pardons in Oklahoma

This is the least likely circumstance in which an expungement opportunity could arise, as gubernatorial pardons are extremely rare in number. Basically, if the Oklahoma Governor deems it proper to pardon a convicted defendant, that defendant can seek to have his or her record expunged.

Oklahoma Prisons, Pardons and Expungements

In generally, if you are facing the prospect of serving time in one of the Oklahoma prisons, you need to fight relentlessly to preserve your freedom. In certain circumstances, you may also have an opportunity to apply for and receive an expungement of your record. In order to find out more about both of these issues, contact Privett Law immediately to schedule an initial consultation.

An Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help With Record Expungement

Hiring Privett Law can make the process of having your record expunged in Oklahoma easy and painless.  I have helped many OK residents clear their record and enjoy the peace of mind that follows.