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Oklahoma City Child Abuse Lawyers

Perhaps no criminal charges draw more of a reaction of utter shock and horror from the public, and consequently, a jury, than those that concern child abuse in Oklahoma. Child abuse is another of society’s many scourges, and as a result, penalties for a conviction of child abuse in Oklahoma can be quite severe.

Privett Law fights for the rights of those accused of child abuse in Oklahoma,  and my experience is truly invaluable when a defendant faces emotionally shocking charges of this nature. If you or someone you love faces this sort of a situation, the worst thing you can do is wait. You need to proactively assert your rights, and in order to do so properly, you’ll need the help of a skilled and experienced Oklahoma criminal defense attorney.

The Nature of Oklahoma Child Abuse Statutes

When looking at the child abuse statutes that have been codified in Oklahoma, one will soon realize that there are basically four statutes that relate directly to child abuse in Oklahoma, but each of these statutes really contains two separate violations. Not to mention, each of the two offenses detailed in each of the four statutes are treated largely the same in terms of the crime’s classification and potential punishment that would be handed down upon a conviction.

The two ‘aspects’ of each of these four statutes are the act or offense itself and a more ‘passive’ alternative. For instance, along with a child abuse statute in Oklahoma is a statute that details the crime of ‘enabling’ child abuse, and each of these is a felony. Regardless of the specific offense with which you’ve been charged, you need immediate legal help. Contact Privett Law today to schedule an initial and immediate consultation in order to protect your rights.

Child Abuse Charges in OK

The Oklahoma statutes define child abuse as follows:

Any parent or other person who shall willfully or maliciously engage in child abuse or neglect or who shall otherwise willfully or maliciously injure, torture, maim, use unreasonable force upon a child under the age of eighteen (18)

The Oklahoma statutes define Enabling child abuse as:

Or permit any of said acts to be done… "permit" means to authorize or allow for the care of a child by an individual when the person authorizing or allowing such care knows or reasonably should know that the child will be placed at risk of abuse as proscribed by this section.

Each of these offenses is considered a felony, and conviction of either of these charges can potentially lead to life in prison depending on the severity of the crime.

Oklahoma Child Neglect Charges

The Oklahoma statutes define child neglect as follows:>

"Neglect" means failure or omission to provide:

  1. adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and supervision, or
  2. special care made necessary by the physical or mental condition of the child;

A child is anyone under the age of 18, and like with child abuse, there is also a crime for enabling child neglect. Conviction upon either of these charges is also a felony, meaning that the defendant could face life in prison.

Child Sexual Abuse Charges in OK

Child sexual abuse in Oklahoma can be found in the same section of the Oklahoma statutes, and it’s basically defined as any improper touching of a child, defined as anyone under the age of 18, of a sexually explicit nature. Like the other child abuse-related statutes, there is also a defined crime for enabling child sexual abuse, and, consistent with the rest of the child abuse statutes, convictions upon either charge are classified as felonies, meaning a convicted defendant could face life in prison.

Child Sexual Exploitation Crimes

Oklahoma defines child sexual exploitation as the forcing of a child to engage in sexual acts such that these acts result in some sort of profit or financial gain for the person forcing the acts to occur. Again, there is a coinciding crime for enabling child sexual exploitation, and any conviction upon these charges is a felony and can result in a life term in prison.

Vigorous Child Abuse Defense Throughout Oklahoma

Child abuse charges are a serious issue in Oklahoma, and if you’ve been charged with this sort of a crime, you face a difficult legal situation. However, you are not without rights, which is why you need to contact Privett Law immediately to schedule an initial consultation.