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Oklahoma Criminal Defense Topics
Criminal Defense Attorneys

Have you or someone you love been accused of a crime in Oklahoma? Have you been accused of assault, domestic violence, homicide or statutory rape?  Need help getting out of jail?   No matter what the criminal charge, all defendants are protected by their Constitutional rights. 

In this day and age, being accused of a situation such as these, are some of the most stressful times that you'll ever encounter.  Simply put, you are facing a legal foe that's utterly relentless, and but for the rights guaranteed in the Constitution, you'd be facing long odds of an acquittal.  Luckily, there are several rights guaranteed to every defendant under the Constitution, which is critical in regards to your defense.

Privett Law is a firm that's provided Oklahoma criminal defense representation for countless accused parties over the years, and I understand all of the rights that are due to anyone who's accused.  That knowledge is invaluable in such a situation, as an entire defense can be irreparably harmed if any of these rights are overlooked or unenforced. I am a professional experienced criminal defense attorney who can help protect your legal rights through this difficult time. 

Below is a brief look at a few of the issues that I handle as part of the overall body of work in regards to Oklahoma criminal defense representation, but regardless of the details, if you are facing criminal prosecution, the worst thing you can do is waste time.  Contact the firm today to schedule an immediate consultation.

DUI Defense Lawyers-Drunk Driving Attorneys

Oklahoma DUI charges are growing in number every year, and that's due to several factors, including the lowering of the legal limits in someone's system and the increased scrutiny on this societal problem.  These strict Oklahoma DUI laws also mean that stiff penalties are often handed down for a DUI conviction.  I handle Oklahoma DUI charges and vehicular homicide charges involving alcohol regularly.  If you need a strong aggressive attorney to fight your DUI charges, pick up the phone and call us or email us today.  You owe it to yourself to secure strong Oklahoma criminal defense representation if you've been accused of DUI in Oklahoma.

Posting Bail in Oklahoma-How to Get Out Of Jail

One of the first issues any accused defendant will face after an arrest is that of posting bail.  A judge will decide soon after an arrest and detention what a bail amount will be, but a judge can also deny bail altogether, forcing the defendant to remain in jail awaiting trial.  A major aspect of the Oklahoma criminal defense representation provided by Privett Law is that of helping with your bail hearing, which can make all the difference as you prepare for trial.

Child Abuse Defense Lawyers-Defend Your Rights

Society has been conditioned to come down hard on anyone accused of child abuse, and that's reflected in most state statutes, which carry extremely stiff penalties for those convicted of child abuse charges.  You'll need a strong and zealous form of Oklahoma criminal defense representation if you face child abuse charges in this state.

Drug Charges & Drug Trafficking-Effective Drugs Attorney in OK

Public policy has for years called for extreme penalties for anyone convicted of drug charges or drug trafficking, and depending on the nature of the situation that led to your drug arrest in Oklahoma, you could be facing either state or federal drug charges or even both in some situations.  Both kinds of charges are very serious and carry heavy penalties and jail time for drug possession, intent to distribute drugs, or drug trafficking.  I have represented and helped many Oklahomans put drug charges behind them.

Domestic Violence Defense-Domestic Dispute & Assault Lawyers

Couples and families often have conflicts, unfortunately they can sometimes turn violent. Being charged with domestic violence is another problem that's seen as a societal scourge, and anyone accused of such a crime needs immediate and strong Oklahoma criminal defense representation due to the potential prison time that comes with a conviction.

Homicide, Manslaughter, and Murder-Aggressive Criminal Attorneys

Despite all of the harsh penalties involved with the crimes listed above, none is nearly as serious as being charged with homicide or manslaughter in Oklahoma.  If you are facing prosecution for one of these violent offenses, the rest of your life depends on securing an Oklahoma homicide defense attorney that will fight relentlessly for your rights.  Hire the proper defense by contacting our law firm and avoid lengthy jail time.

Juvenile Crimes-Adolescent Criminal Defense in Oklahoma

The juvenile Court system in Oklahoma operates a bit differently from adult criminal court, but you still need strong representation if you or your child faces prosecution for any sort of juvenile crime charge, as the result of the situation could largely define the future of an underaged defendant.  I am experienced in juvenile justice and will properly represent any juvenile crime.

Sex Crimes-Sex Offenses, Sexual Assault, and Internet Sex Crime Defense Throughout OK

Sex Crimes can involve many different charges, but one common thread shared by all is that they carry serious consequences if a defendant is convicted, which is why you need to secure a strong Oklahoma sex crime attorney as soon as possible and fight these charges aggressively. Criminal sex charges such as child pornography, rape, and sexual assault can ruin the lives of defendants, with or without a conviction.  Internet sex crimes are also becoming more and more relevant in the digital age, which have similar harsh punishments as physical sex crimes and can just as easily tarnish a reputation without conviction.  Our criminal lawyers will fight to defend the accused and restore the well-being of our clients when charged with a sexual offense.

OK White Collar Crimes-Embezzlement and Fraud Attorneys

White collar crimes, given the very name of the issue, may sound like a minor issue in general, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Anyone in Oklahoma charged with a white collar crime may face significant prison time, and you need to fight for your rights as zealously as any other criminal issue if you face this situation.  White collar crimes usually include some time of monetary embezzlement or fraud that leads to the accused being arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor.  Many times, employees are fingered in these types of crimes who took no part in, or may have unwillingly broken the law.  As your defense attorney, I will protect the rights of those accused with these types of offenses and restore integrity where it is deserved.

Expungements Attorney-Clear Your Oklahoma Criminal Record

If you have been convicted of a crime in Oklahoma, you still have rights that need to be enforced.  As an Oklahoma defense attorney, I help people clear their criminal record because I understand how difficult life can be with a conviction on your record.  Clearing your record or getting your Oklahoma criminal record expunged is not always an option but it is available to many people.  Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to help you wipe your record clean in certain situations.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing any criminal charges for any of the crimes above, or any other issue, the first step you need to take regardless of your situation is to contact Privett Law today to secure strong, knowledgeable and zealous Oklahoma criminal defense representation as soon as possible.  There are many reasons for this extreme need.

A natural reaction to encountering such a situation is to withdraw in fear and simply hope that the problem resolves itself.  Rest assured that it will not, and the longer you wait to assert your rights, the worse this problem can get and the more extreme your sanctions could be. The government will not halt its  prosecutorial efforts and wait for you to defend yourself.

You need to take it upon yourself to proactively fight for these rights, and you need a criminal defense attorney to gain an understanding of these rights and to assert them properly. Contact us today!